Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Obsession

Pinterest is my latest obsession. I hopped on the bandwagon after my friend sent me an invite a while ago. I just never joined until I started hearing more about it. It is a great place to manage and organize all of my thoughts and interests- hence the Pinterest! I've felt so scatterbrained when trying to think of where I saw something, and my blog inbox is filled with links I've emailed myself when I see something I like on a website or blog. Pinterest is the perfect place I can store anything and everything I see that I like and want to store for the future. I've created boards and when I'm on a website I can "pin" an item or picture I like to one of my boards. Some of my boards include inspiring spaces, products I love, baby, office, and foods. You can create anywhere from just a couple of boards to much more. I like to be organized and like visualization so I can see myself having a lot of boards. :) You can follow me at "LusciousLDecor."


Happy Pinning!