About Me

Welcome to Luscious Life & Decor! I started this blog in 2010- a year after my husband and I moved into our first home. I loved interior decorating and do it yourself projects so I started writing about it. We bought new furniture, but we also saved by buying second-hand, which I refinished. This has become a hobby and I really enjoy buying something old and creating something new. You can read about these pieces under "projects." You will also read about affordable decor and design, inspiring spaces, and home improvement. It has been 4 years and each year I have put more time into this blog. I am now a stay at home Mom and I have incorporated more of my life adventure, including my girls (Ellie and Summer), fitness, and recipes. Thank you for reading!

Here are a few fun facts about me:
  • I love the color pink (the brighter, the better)
  • I love to work out, especially running, and ran my first half-marathon before turning 30 in September 2010
  • In 2003 I found out a had a half sister, also named Emily, who contacted our Mom before she was getting married and now is part of our family. I am so lucky to have been able to develop a relationship with her and it's really a great story with a happy ending.
  • I have an Exercise & Sports Science degree and went back to school to become a Health & PE teacher & get my Master's in Education. I look forward to working again after our kids are older.
  • My husband is also a Health & PE teacher.
  • I officiate Women's Lacrosse
  • Black raspberry is my favorite ice cream.
  • San Diego is my favorite place to visit and probably my favorite place ever! 
  • I always wanted to learn how to surf and finally taught myself in the summer of 2012. I'm hooked!
  • I literally "bumped" into my (now) husband the night after Thanksgiving in my hometown. Turns out I had dated his best friend 5 years before and had never met Nick, my husband, until this night. I was finishing my last year of college that year and he told me to call him the next time I came back home. He called me 2 days later and we started dating...
  • I love to write hand-written notes even if it's just a "thinking about you" note. 
  • I love organization and making to-do lists. Thank goodness for the 'notes' section on my iPhone.
  • Summer is my favorite season & Christmas is my favorite holiday.
  • I love to dance. I used to take hip hop classes in college. So fun!