Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Home Goods Love

While shopping at Home Goods a few days ago for white frames I snapped these fabulous furniture finds on my iPhone:

All $400 or less except for the black leather chair, which was $1000! My favorite was the purple tufted headboard, which would look amazing in a little girl's bedroom. I'll have to keep this style in mind for Summer's big girl room. Ellie is lucky to already have a full size bed in our garage for when she is ready. I also love the 'X' table. If it were higher I'd love it as my nightstand. I also love the long tufted ottomans- perfect for the end of a bed. I love shopping at Home Goods for furniture!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a very eventful one. Friday night my husband and I went out on a much needed date to one of our favorite sushi restaurants, Osaka. So delicious. We ordered drinks, salads (I love their ginger dressing), four specialty rolls, and their vanilla tempura ice cream is to die for. It comes out warm- the perfect balance with the ice cream. It was great to have an adult conversation (without interruption).

Saturday the girls and I were out of the house by 10:00 and not home again till dinnertime. We went to their cousin's soccer games (three different kids all at the same field), then to Boo at the Philadelphia Zoo, a quick trip to Babies R Us for Roman Shades, then to trick or treat in our neighborhood center of town. I wouldn't have normally gone to the Zoo on a Saturday because of the crowds, but my aunt and cousins were going who I don't see often so it was a special occasion. Plus, Nick was working so it was just the girls and I, but my Mom came for a bit and my cousins helped out, which was great. Summer actually stayed in the Ergo the entire time, which was convenient. The animals were all out today, too. I don't think I've ever seen the hippos out of the water and they were both out. The lions, tigers, cheetahs, and polar bears were all out for Ellie to see. It was a fun afternoon. Ellie is Minnie Mouse this year. I got her costume about a month ago in the dress up section of Target. She isn't wearing her ears today, but she will on Thursday. It was a chilly day so I put her in black jeggings, a pink Gymboree top, and her pink Uggs- all which matched perfectly. And, of course, a pink bow and pink pumpkin bucket. Despite trick or treating in the afternoon and evening, Ellie did not eat one piece of candy. She asked for a piece after dinner and I told her she could have one "tomorrow." She said ok and didn't put up a fight. She still hasn't had a piece, but her daddy and I had a few. At this age getting candy is more exciting to her than actually eating it. It's not exciting for me to give it to her either. I'd much rather go out for ice cream and share a cone than give her a piece of candy. I will probably let her have a piece or two after trick or treating on Thursday though since it's a special occasion.

Sunday was my sister in law's baby shower. She and her husband are expecting their first child, a boy, in December. I brought Summer along and my mom took Ellie for the afternoon. I loved Summer's outfit so I had to snap a few pictures, including one with my new Frye boots. 

Yesterday I took the girls to a local pumpkin patch. I dressed them in their Halloween outfits and got a few cute pictures.
 It was a very fun-filled weekend!

Recent Buys

A few weeks ago I wrote that I had purchased Banana Republic boots. I ended up returning them because after wearing them around the house I realized they weren't so comfortable. I really wanted to find new boots before the cold weather arrived. Last Sunday night with just a few hours left of the Bloomies sale I ordered these Frye boots. I remember trying them on in brown last year, but I didn't end up buying them. I ordered the black and saved 20% with the Bloomies sale. I love them. They are so comfortable and although they are nothing fancy, they are the standard black leather boots I wanted.

Frye Melissa Button Boots
I am obsessed with these two animal print sweatshirts I bought at Gap last week. They were both 30% off. I love the animal print/sweatshirt combo!
Gap cable sweater / Gold Frame (TJ Maxx)

I really needed to start updating my sweaters since I've been through two pregnancies the past few years. I wore some of my favorite sweaters during both pregnancies and they have stretched. I ordered the cream sweater from Gap a few weeks ago and love it. It just came in stock in a bunch of colors and I'm loving the red and camel. I also love this sweater, but wish it came in more colors. This gold frame is a new addition to the bar above my kitchen sink. Looks much more expensive than just the $7 I paid. I have an animal print obsession!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

C. Wonder Friends & Family


Cheese Board / Gold Ikat Dessert Plates / Animal Ceramic Plate / Salad Servers Set / Monogram Jewelry Box
Gold Monogram Wine Stopper / Navy Ikat Dinnerware / Monogram Geo Plate

Enjoy 30% for Friends and Family with code "FAF" until Monday, 10/28 (in store and online). I love all things gold, as you can see above. The Ikat dinnerware is my favorite. The others would all make great Holiday gifts and the monogrammed wine stopper could be a stocking stuffer or would be cute wrapped around a wine bottle with ribbon. Prices are reasonable, too, but even more so with 30% savings! 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin Painting Party

On Friday the girls and I hosted our first pumpkin painting party. It was a blast! We had snacks and sweets, then went in the backyard to paint and play. There were six Mommies and ten kids. Some dressed in costume. I set up a table in the yard with small pumpkins for painting, finger paint (washable and non-toxic- a necessity!), brushes, and stickers. I loved my pink plastic skull cups. I had intended to carve the big pumpkin, as well, but those were high hopes. We were busy helping the kids and talking. That will be another fun project with the girls.

Summer took a long (two hours) nap in the afternoon so I could prepare for the party and Ellie and I could make the desserts. She helped me with the sprinkles on the cupcakes (with a few tastes of icing) and dipping the marshmallows. Once I started setting the table the only thing that kept her away from the sweets was watching an episode of "Caillou."

I bought mini favor boxes and cupcake liners at Michael's and put a cupcake inside for each child to take home. I left a few out for the adults (I didn't want to overload the kids with too much sugar). I dipped marshmallows in chocolate and Halloween sprinkles using lollipop sticks. I added small pieces of celery on top of a peeled Clementine to look like pumpkins (via Pinterest). I came up with the vegetable candy corn. I wanted to substitute the candy for veggies and picked yellow peppers, baby carrots, and cauliflower and paired it with two dips: hummus and spinach/kale dip (both Trader Joe's). I filled black snack cups with popcorn and set a tray with Halloween cookies (Trader Joe's). I also put out a cheese and cracker platter. The plates, paper straws, and plastic table coverings were Michael's, Napkins- Home Goods, pink skull cups- Cvs.

Ellie had so much fun and this will definitely be an annual event!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIY Chair Makeover

Last month I posted this picture on Instagram:

I bought the chair for $5 at a thrift shop and it's been sitting in our garage for about a year. I bought the fabric from The gray and hot pink match the nursery perfectly. I removed the cushion before taking a picture. Here it is in full view:

This time I read the label and did not use a separate primer. Definitely a much quicker project than the rocking chair. As you can see I wear long gloves when spray painting, as well as a mask. I placed blue painters tape on the holes, then lightly sanded and wiped the chair clean before spraying. I love omitting the priming step. It makes a huge difference with the length of a project and my time is limited with two little ones!

I used this easy tutorial for cutting and stapling my fabric, but I did not remove the previous fabric.  I used a staple gun I bought at JoAnn Fabrics.

It was such an easy project and I love my new chair!