Monday, June 27, 2016

Beach Vacation

Two weeks ago we were back in Brigantine Beach for our family vacation. We got every year since my husband's aunt and uncle have a house there. We rent it for a week. It's a quieter shore town and really nice to relax and recharge for the week. The beaches are big and always empty, which is so nice. The walk down is only a couple blocks down and since they own the house there are wagons and beach toys and chairs (all of which we don't need to pack). 

 My everyday breakfast of avocado toast (sometimes with tomato, too). Summer made me playdoh "cookies," too.

 This was me everyday- getting in a short nap and trying to even out my tan. 

We went out to eat at a local restaurant with amazing food. One night I brought my camera and we took some pictures at the beach. 

 I love feeling Summer's arms wrapped around my neck and glad my husband captured these moments. 
 Summer has started copying Ellie with posing for the camera 

Of course, we had to go out for ice cream a few times during the week at Aunt B's

My Mom gave the girls these adorable butterfly wings. Summer wouldn't take hers off.

Another week of memories!

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