Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Recap + Spring Favorites

I did get my run in yesterday afternoon even though I would much rather have taken a nap. I was so tired even as I ran, but I did my 3.5 mile loop. Glad I got it done! We went to my in-laws first to see family and the girls did a little egg hunt in their house. Then, we went to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt with their cousins. My brother put out a ton of eggs all over my parents backyard. The kids had a blast filling their bags. Just like every other kid my girls were a little crazy yesterday with a sugar high. They don't normally eat sweets so their little bodies weren't used to it. But, it was a special occasion!

We took some photos before heading out yesterday:
Love these Matilda Jane dresses the girls are wearing. They are both from the newest collection, as well as Summer's socks (sold out). I just love the polka dots and ruffles! 

Ellie's dresssandals
Summer's dress / shoes
Nick's shirt / jeans
 My top (Express, but not online) / jeans 

My husband and I were laughing about my arm in this picture. My mommy arms plus boxing and TRX! I desperately need my hair colored. I can't wait for my appointment in a couple weeks!

I was just telling my husband I need a spring jacket. Here are my two contenders:

40% off plus free shipping with code "SHIP40"

I also like this one
25% off with code "SHOPMORE"

I'm also loving these for spring:

I used to wear these all the time when I was a kid and in High School. I love that they are coming back into style! I am considering ordering the grey or white. They are men's sizes so it is recommended you size down.

I went to the Clarins counter last week looking for a new cleanser. The sales woman raved about this product so I am giving it a try and I really like it so far.

Have a great Monday!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter + Easter Decor/Festivities

I hope everyone is having a fun morning! For the past two hours the girls have been hiding eggs for my husband and I and reversing the roles. We've done an egg hunt in every room in our house. It was really a lot of fun and we had a lot of laughs. This morning Ellie woke at 6:30 and came into my bed at 7. We woke Summer and they were excited to go downstairs. Ellie told us she saw the Easter Bunny and he was white and wearing flip flops. She also said she saw him peek in at her when she was sleeping ("one eye was open"). Love it! We have video of them jumping up and down and shrieking in excitement before heading downstairs. Summer could not believe she found an egg in the paper towels. Ellie was ecstatic when she found her Easter basket behind the couch. She had to open it up right away. We let them have a few pieces of chocolate then, but I also caught Summer walking upstairs with a chocolate bunny behind her back. She had a mischevious smile on her face. I followed her upstairs where she sat in her room and started to open the bunny. She was surprised to see me and asked me to go away.... She is my little sneaky girl! 

Easter Morning

Pancakes for breakfast

Easter Activites + Crafts
Saturday afternoon we dyed eggs. I used Wilton icing colors that I had on hand. Each cup contained 3/4 cup water, a tablespoon of vinegar, and desired color. The colors were so vibrant. 

If you follow me on Instagram you saw our peep houses. I had mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to try making our own. The Pinterest version looked so cute! I had some leftover pink icing in the freezer so I thawed it out and bought the candy. Ellie's house collapsed and Summer's survived, but barely. It looks nothing like my inspiration. A Pinterest fail for sure! Plus, it was a pain in the butt and I ended up doing it myself. It was a good laugh for sure!

These bunnies came out well though! I cut the ears and pink squares and the girls glued them on and made their faces. 
Ellie's (left) / Summer's (right)

I love this craft Ellie made at school:

Yesterday morning we went to an egg hunt and the girls got a picture with the Easter Bunny.

Our Easter Decor
I found these bunnies in the dollar section of Target. Ellie glued cotton balls on them and I punched holes and strung them to make this super cute banner. The white bunny is also from the dollar section of Target and the silver ones from Home Goods. 
Banner (sold out)
The centerpiece I made (mentioned here) with missing ears (Ellie and Summer, of course) and the pretty dyed eggs. 

We are going to my in-laws this afternoon, then to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt with cousins. I'm also planning on getting in a run this morning. Hope you have a great day!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

I had to get a few pictures of the girls with these gorgeous pink trees in the front of our house. I lifted them up and put them in the tree for a mini photo shoot. I didn't get a great one of Summer so I'll have to do this again before the buds change color.

I'm loving this top I'm wearing. I love the navy stripes and it's linen.
Top / Ellie's dress

Last Sunday wasn't just the first day of spring, but also my Mom's birthday. We went to dinner at my parents night where my Mom cooked her annual Irish dinner for all of us. I got her one of these water bottles that I love. I have this one and use it all the time. It will be perfect on hot days this summer. They are expensive for a bottle, but so worth it. I also got one for my best friend's birthday.

S'well Bottle

This is a less expensive version of above and it's the same line sold at Target
S'ip by S'well Bottle


Fringe Sandals

Love these two bags for the summer.

I like these shoes for playground trips with the girls.

These are my favorite shoes for kids and great for the playground in warm weather because they are so breathable. I bought the aqua for Ellie and pink for Summer this year.

Ellie says, "Look, Mommy! A flamingo! Your favorite!"
Haha, she knows me well!

I'm thinking of trying this since I've been getting a few dry patches on my face lately. It's gotten positive reviews.

Love so many things in this new line for kids! I bought the unicorn head to replace the tissue tassel garland in Summer's room.

A couple weekends ago my parents took Ellie and her cousins to see Zootopia. Summer felt left out so I decided to take her, too, knowing that she wouldn't last the entire movie so I could leave early with her. She was so excited for the movie and sat through and hour before declaring she was ready to go bye bye. It was such a cute movie and I want to see the rest of it when it comes to On Demand. 

I'm happy to say that Summer is fully potty trained during the day. She is still in a diaper at nighttime since she isn't waking up dry and she is still in the crib. I can't believe how quickly she picked up the potty training and rarely has an accident. She even goes on the big toilets, which is so convenient. We are very proud of her!

Today and girls and I are hanging out with my Mom and their cousins and I want to go to the mall to try to find a new dress or skirt to wear on Sunday. I'll have the girls with me so it could go really well or the complete opposite. Hoping they are well behaved!

Have a great weekend!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

We are in the middle of potty training bootcamp with Summer. Actually, after yesterday I could say that I think she potty trained in one day. She had one accident early yesterday morning before figuring out that she could hold it and when she needed to go. From that point on, as I reminded her to "tell Mommy if you have to go pee pee or poopie!" she went every single time in her potty. Poop was a little harder to do the first time. I realized she was trying to go and we took a bath to help relax her, then about a half hour later she went. Sorry if this is TMI, but it's typical in motherhood! Then, last night when we were all upstairs getting ready for bed she went into the bathroom and went potty (pee) all by herself. She came and got me and showed me. We were all so excited and so proud of her.  I tried potty training her about 10 months ago and it backfired so I put her back in to diapers. She wasn't able to communicate at that time and that was the biggest issue. Now she tells me when she has to go. I wanted to get her trained before the warm weather and before summer time (so no swim diapers). 

Summer and I were alone yesterday. My mother in law took Ellie to gymnastics in the morning and out the rest of the day. Summer and I painted, did Easter crafts, colored Barbie in a coloring book, read a ton of books, played with Magna tiles and dollhouse. It was a fun, but exhausting day! I let her go on the iPad later in the afternoon and I browsed online so we each got a break! Here are my current favorites:

I am into this new decor trend of wall hangings.

I really want to try this!

We are all about Easter crafts at the moment and these look so fun!

I also bought all the supplies to make this dining table centerpiece again this year. So festive!
You can see last year's Easter crafts here, too. 

Toms (for the kids)

I'm looking forward to going out with friends tonight for St. Patty's Day after two days of staying inside for potty training. Have a great weekend!

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