Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter Weekend + Easter Crafts

I'm a week late with my Easter recap and I had started writing it, but never finished. I still wanted to post it. It's a long post, too, with lots of pictures!

The girls and I have been doing Easter crafts for the past few weeks and decorated the house. My favorite decoration this year was this Easter centerpiece. Thanks to Pinterest for the super creative idea! We also did a few other crafts (below).
Jelly Beans / Easter Grass / Peeps / Tulips
 Washi Tape Egg
 Painting Eggs
 Dyeing Eggs

A couple weekends ago Ellie's school had an Easter event. It was very well planned and organized. There were crafts, decorating cookies, games and egg hunts according to ages. Both Summer and Ellie participated and loved it! 

Saturday we went to another one at the playground we frequent. The girls had a blast and saw the Easter bunny. Ellie loves him and happily smiles for a picture. Summer, again, wanted nothing to do with him up close, but this time she reached in her basket for pieces of candy and tossed it to the bunny. It was so funny. It was nice of her to share, and such a funny idea.

Saturday night my parents hosted Easter dinner since we were all unable to be together on Sunday. My parents just returned from a week long vacation in England so it was great seeing them (we missed them!) and hearing about their trip. My parents always make the best homemade dinners. Afterwards my brother hid about 100 eggs in their backyard. The cousins had so much fun looking for them, then eating some of the candy. 
Love their matching dresses!
 Summer couldn't wait to eat that chocolate!

The Easter Bunny stopped at our house Saturday night. Ellie told us he would be here "when it's very, very dark out and the owls are out." He filled the girls baskets and left a new pink fridge for the girls kitchen. He taped on a pink bow with bunny ears. He also hid 22 eggs (10 for each filled with chocolate plus 2 gold eggs filled with money).

The girls were so excited and all smiles this morning! After they sorted through their baskets and found the eggs we made bunny pancakes. I saw this idea on Instagram and we made pancakes as we usually do and I cut them to make the bunny.
Tablecloth & paper cups via Target

Ellie, unfortunately, wasn't feeling well. She had a fever last night, then threw up once (but not again). She skipped breakfast, took a long nap and felt much better by dinner time. We still made it to my in laws for dinner. While Nick and Ellie napped Summer and I made these adorable chocolate peeps, wrapped them in a bag with a cute bow, and used these free printables. We dropped them off to our neighbors in the evening. It was a nice way to end our Easter weekend.

I made this side dish and it was very popular.
Asparagus Bundles
 I omitted the puff pastry to keep it a lighter dish. I also used Prosciutto instead of Pancetta. It will definitely be a dish I make again. It was delicious and so easy!

I love how Ellie always has her arm around her little sister. Summer is just too cute for words. I love these girls! It was such a fun, memorable weekend!

Easter, 2015

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