Thursday, September 26, 2013

Our Living Room (with our new couch)

I realized I never showed you our updated living room with our new couch. Here it is:

We love the couch. It's so comfy and I love the nail head trim. I know we took a risk buying a light color with kids in the house, but we also have the great room with darker furniture. If Ellie watches a show it's in the great room. We also have a gate separating this room (and upstairs) from the kitchen. The coffee table is from Pottery Barn and was a Craigslist find for only $25. I do want to add more pillows and a piece of framed art to add color and texture to the room. I just picked up the turquoise lantern from Home Goods on clearance.

Seeing the red fire extinguisher is a little bit of an eye sore. I am going to have to try to conceal that a little bit so it doesn't stand out as much, but also make sure it's still reachable if needed. Our fireplace basket and tools were in our garage for the summer, but we'll be bringing them back in soon. I'm looking forward to enjoying the fire this winter on our new couch!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Inspiring Bedroom for a Little Girl

Ellie is still in a crib in her nursery, but once we make the transition to a big girl bed (not anytime soon) I plan to make some changes in her room, too. I haven't found many rooms that have inspired me, but this one does and I wanted to share. It's such a fresh and modern space for a little girl. I love the striped ceiling and the headboard is so luxurious. The hanging rattan chair is a great reading nook.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer's New Shoes & Milestone

I had to post a picture of Summer wearing the gold moccasins I posted about on Thursday. I am obsessed! They are similar to Freshly Picked Mocassins, which you can find here. There is no way I would pay $60 for these shoes when she won't be wearing them too long. Luckily, Summer's were half the price. I'm also loving her pink jeggings.

It was a chilly morning at the playground. I'm glad I brought her hoodie last minute. I love her little hands, and the ears on the hood. We were playing in the grass while Ellie played in the sand with her friends.

I decided to let go of her and Summer sat up by herself! Long enough for me to take a few million pictures until she started to topple over. But, it's a start!

When I told Ellie Summer sat up by herself she was super excited and sat down next to her to give her a big hug and exclaimed, "Aww Summer, great job!" 

 Ellie, 2.5 and Summer, 4 months

Weekend Recap

I joined a women's field hockey league and had my first game on Saturday. It was so fun and felt so great to be back on the field competing. Nick brought the girls and it was nice to see them on the sidelines. It was also a great workout and I'm definitely feeling it today. Here I am after my game and just a little hot and sweaty:

After my game Nick had to work so I took the girls to a fall festival. I knew there was going to be a bounce house and Ellie would be thrilled. It was $1 a ticket and Ellie stayed in one the whole time. She went on twice so it was a cheap afternoon! It was also a hot day and I had Summer in the Ergo so I treated Ellie to her very first ice cream cone. I had to steal a few bites so she didn't eat the entire thing.

Sunday afternoon we went to an arts festival in the area. Another fun afternoon of music, good food, and shopping. I tried cheese curdles from a food truck. They were delicious. Think upscale mozzarella bites. Paired with a root beer. Yum. Ellie loved the music and was dancing, of course. She took her Daddy by the hand to dance with him. So sweet. Here is a video my husband took (which I was totally unaware of or I probably wouldn't have danced while squatting). But, Ellie looks cute!

Ellie was obsessed with the balloons. She lost two. The second time she lost the balloon I said that it was going to hang out with the moon. She replied, "No, mommy, the stars!" The girls were tired out from being outside most of the day and went right to bed when we got home. My husband and I have been watching Breaking Bad and watched another episode last night. So far it's not my ideal show, but I hear it's really good so I'm giving it a chance. I really just can't wait for the Homeland premiere. Hope you had a fun-filled weekend, too!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Last night was a rough one. Although both girls were asleep by 8:00, Summer was up a few times before her usual 11pm feeding and Ellie was another story. Ellie has been falling asleep in my bed with me, then eventually I will move her into her crib for the night and she will usually wake between 8-9am, but twice this week it's been 11am! Last night Ellie wouldn't go into her crib (she woke up and cried for me). Then, Summer woke at the same time so Ellie was up while I nursed and put her back to sleep. I had to get ready for bed and Ellie didn't want to be in my bed by herself so she was up helping me. Then, Summer woke and spit up on herself so I had to change her and Ellie was excited that she was up so she was talking to her (i.e. waking her up). Still, I couldn't help but enjoy the moment as Ellie was telling her, "we're all best friends Summer- you, me and Mommy." Seriously?! This girl is the best. Even at midnight and even though I was anticipating a tough night ahead. And that it was. The three of us didn't get back to sleep till around 2. I had to nurse, then pump, and Ellie wanted to talk.... At 3:30 both girls woke up and Ellie did not want to go back to sleep. At that time I woke up my husband. He sleeps in another room and gets a good nights sleep every night (no jealousy here...). Supposedly Ellie slept from 4:30-6 and he brought her to me at 7. Summer and I slept peacefully for 3 hours. Luckily, Summer is still sleeping, but Ellie and I have been up for a while now. I'm tired. Lots of coffee for this mama this morning.

This is what bed time has looked like for us the past few nights
The girls and I are hosting a pumpkin carving play date in October. It will be something to look forward to and I'm excited to plan a festive party for Ellie and her friends.

My carved pumpkin last Halloween
Macy's is having their VIP sale this weekend. I tried on these boots because I love the zipper and they fit so well and are super cheap ($50 after the 20%). But, sadly the calf is too wide. I highly recommend them though! I love the camel, but they also come in black.

MIA Cammi Boots
Macy's stores also now carry Kate Spade watches. I love Kate Spade and went to check out the watches after trying on the boots and was pleasantly surprised to see their collection. I've only seen KS watches online so I was anxious to try them on. These are my favorites and I'm definitely adding one to my wishlist.
Gold watch
Leather watch
I could use a drink tonight and this one looks very yummy. I love a good margarita (skinny, on the rocks, with salt)!

Cookie and Kale
And, a happy quote for Friday:

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Recent Buys (Kids Version)

Last week I wrote a post on my recent buys. This week I am featuring my recent buys for the girls. It was my lucky night at Nordstrom Rack a few nights ago when I found two adorable dresses by Mini Boden for Summer in 3-6 months. She can wear them into fall with a sweater cardigan and tights. They were only $10 each. I had just a few minutes before the store was closing for the night so I quickly ran over to the shoe department to look for Ellie. I found the perfect pair of boots for her. There was only one pair and they were her size. It was meant to be! They are by Nordstroms and were only $25. I really wanted a pair of cute boots for her this fall and I had considered these, but they were impossible to get on and off (and that's not something I want to deal with everyday).

I also recently ordered some things for the fall for both girls from Gap during their 40% off sale. This is the first season that Ellie doesn't have much so I'll be buying her things sporadically. Summer has Ellie's hand-me-downs, but because I loved it so much for Ellie it definitely got worn often so a lot of it is not in great condition.

Recent Buys for Ellie: 

Skinny jeans / Polka dot dress  / Black jeggings

The black jeggings by Target are a year-round staple. For only $7 it's worth it to stock up. They were out of her size in other colors so I'll definitely be checking back.

I just ordered these See Kai run sneakers on Zulily. Ellie has the sandals so I'm hoping the sneakers fit, too. She needs new playground shoes and these looked cute for the fall. We love the See Kai Run brand and these were originally $50, but half off on Zulily!

I am a new addicted fan of Matilda Jane. I first learned about this brand from an extended family member. Her daughter, Bella, wore it well! I love the unique and fun designs for girls. Ellie wore this top for the first time on Saturday with her new boots. Too cute! This is the "Piper" top. 

Ellie in hew new boots and MJ top; twirling!
Recent buys for Summer:

For Summer I could not resist this leopard dress:

 And, this adorable pom pom hat:

I am in love with these gold moccasins by Little Looker I just picked up from Hatch (a local kids boutique). Just another reason to put her in more dresses and skirts. These shoes will look adorable with tights. The metallic are leather and the color ones are suede. And they are gender neutral!

Photos via Hatch
It's really hard to resist buying clothes and accessories for the girls. I would much rather shop for them than for myself. If you are in the area check out Hatch! They have the coolest stuff for boys and the cutest stuff for girls. They sell clothing, shoes, toys, jewelry, and a ton of accessories (hair bows, suspenders, and bow ties are just a few). It's all of your "favorites" on Etsy in one shop. I'm obsessed!

Monday, September 16, 2013

My Birthday

On Saturday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Wow, 34 (this is not only my response, but my Dad's and grandmother's). How did that happen? I still feel like I'm in my 20s. But, somehow I'm ten years older. Life keeps getting better. And, there's that quote, "the best is yet to come." I feel like the "best" keeps happening. I became an aunt, I got married, I had children of my own, my family is healthy. I look forward to what the years will bring, but I am enjoying day by day. The one thing I learned quickly with having two children is that time flies. How is Summer already four months? I was sad (literally) to see the summer come to an end. It went by too quick. So, I really am enjoying each day, each minute. The girls keep me busy and by most evenings I am exhausted and I get up each morning and do it all over again. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I am one lucky mommy to be able to be home with my girls and watch them learn and discover new things every day. Whether it's a funny conversation with Ellie or Summer's first roll. I know being a stay at home mom isn't for everyone, but I love it.

Saturday morning I was welcomed with a big hug and kiss from Ellie for "mommy's happy day!" I received (more) pink roses from my hubby (he's been on a roll lately and I'm not complaining). I enjoyed a spa pedicure (love the extra massage) and chose a darker color for fall. We went to my favorite place, Morris Auboredum, in the afternoon. We picked up a cupcake on the way. Ellie could not wait to have a bite of that cupcake. And, she savored every bite, every lick of icing. You can tell we don't have sweets very often. I really just enjoyed our family time and took in every smile, every giggle, every bout of excitement from my girls. Ellie loves to run (even in boots) and has so much energy. Summer loves watching her. And I love watching both of them. And, we captured a lot of these moments on camera:

My husband took this picture in astonishment that I was carrying both girls (Summer in the Ergo and Ellie on my hip)
Outfits of the Day:
Me: Gap skinny jeans, Banana Republic top, Steve Madden sandals
Ellie: Matilda Jane top, Target jeggings, Nordstrom boots
Summer: Gap jean skirt, Gap tank, Stuart Weitzman shoes

And, to complete the night my husband and I had date night at one of my favorite sushi restaurants while my parents babysat the girls. Sunday evening my parents cooked me a delicious birthday dinner with the rest of the family.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Recent Buys

I spent last fall and even winter searching for a new pair of tall, flat boots to no prevail. I shopped in every store, online, and ordered multiple pairs from Piperlime and couldn't find one pair that fit me well! My favorite boots desperately need to be replaced and I bought those over Labor Day weekend two years ago from Banana Republic. Still, every time I wear them I get compliments and I'm asked where they're from. I wish Banana Republic would carry them again. They fit so well and they are the perfect color. But, I did go back to Banana Republic over Labor Day weekend this year when they were having one of their "40% off everything" sales. I purchased these boots. It's hard to see in the picture, but the hardware is gold, and I love black and gold. These will be my everyday staple and $135 is a great price to pay for boots.

I also bought these Toms for the fall in eggplant. Perfect playground shoes.

I follow "Pearls and Pastries" on Instagram and bought this heart print during one of their $5 sales. It will look perfect in Summer's nursery. She frequently has $5 sales and it would be a colorful addition to a wall gallery.

I bought this white top by Free People at Nordstrom Rack with a gift card. I always need to update my white tops and I love the lace sleeve detail on this one.

I found this chalkboard frame at Home Goods for $12. Love it! It came in a bunch of different colors. The perfect size for our kitchen hallway:

And, I found this adorable little tray at Michael's for only $3! It matches our red bathroom in the playroom perfectly:

My next "recent buys" post will be all about kids!