Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Recap

I joined a women's field hockey league and had my first game on Saturday. It was so fun and felt so great to be back on the field competing. Nick brought the girls and it was nice to see them on the sidelines. It was also a great workout and I'm definitely feeling it today. Here I am after my game and just a little hot and sweaty:

After my game Nick had to work so I took the girls to a fall festival. I knew there was going to be a bounce house and Ellie would be thrilled. It was $1 a ticket and Ellie stayed in one the whole time. She went on twice so it was a cheap afternoon! It was also a hot day and I had Summer in the Ergo so I treated Ellie to her very first ice cream cone. I had to steal a few bites so she didn't eat the entire thing.

Sunday afternoon we went to an arts festival in the area. Another fun afternoon of music, good food, and shopping. I tried cheese curdles from a food truck. They were delicious. Think upscale mozzarella bites. Paired with a root beer. Yum. Ellie loved the music and was dancing, of course. She took her Daddy by the hand to dance with him. So sweet. Here is a video my husband took (which I was totally unaware of or I probably wouldn't have danced while squatting). But, Ellie looks cute!

Ellie was obsessed with the balloons. She lost two. The second time she lost the balloon I said that it was going to hang out with the moon. She replied, "No, mommy, the stars!" The girls were tired out from being outside most of the day and went right to bed when we got home. My husband and I have been watching Breaking Bad and watched another episode last night. So far it's not my ideal show, but I hear it's really good so I'm giving it a chance. I really just can't wait for the Homeland premiere. Hope you had a fun-filled weekend, too!

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