Monday, September 23, 2013

Summer's New Shoes & Milestone

I had to post a picture of Summer wearing the gold moccasins I posted about on Thursday. I am obsessed! They are similar to Freshly Picked Mocassins, which you can find here. There is no way I would pay $60 for these shoes when she won't be wearing them too long. Luckily, Summer's were half the price. I'm also loving her pink jeggings.

It was a chilly morning at the playground. I'm glad I brought her hoodie last minute. I love her little hands, and the ears on the hood. We were playing in the grass while Ellie played in the sand with her friends.

I decided to let go of her and Summer sat up by herself! Long enough for me to take a few million pictures until she started to topple over. But, it's a start!

When I told Ellie Summer sat up by herself she was super excited and sat down next to her to give her a big hug and exclaimed, "Aww Summer, great job!" 

 Ellie, 2.5 and Summer, 4 months

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