Thursday, September 19, 2013

Recent Buys (Kids Version)

Last week I wrote a post on my recent buys. This week I am featuring my recent buys for the girls. It was my lucky night at Nordstrom Rack a few nights ago when I found two adorable dresses by Mini Boden for Summer in 3-6 months. She can wear them into fall with a sweater cardigan and tights. They were only $10 each. I had just a few minutes before the store was closing for the night so I quickly ran over to the shoe department to look for Ellie. I found the perfect pair of boots for her. There was only one pair and they were her size. It was meant to be! They are by Nordstroms and were only $25. I really wanted a pair of cute boots for her this fall and I had considered these, but they were impossible to get on and off (and that's not something I want to deal with everyday).

I also recently ordered some things for the fall for both girls from Gap during their 40% off sale. This is the first season that Ellie doesn't have much so I'll be buying her things sporadically. Summer has Ellie's hand-me-downs, but because I loved it so much for Ellie it definitely got worn often so a lot of it is not in great condition.

Recent Buys for Ellie: 

Skinny jeans / Polka dot dress  / Black jeggings

The black jeggings by Target are a year-round staple. For only $7 it's worth it to stock up. They were out of her size in other colors so I'll definitely be checking back.

I just ordered these See Kai run sneakers on Zulily. Ellie has the sandals so I'm hoping the sneakers fit, too. She needs new playground shoes and these looked cute for the fall. We love the See Kai Run brand and these were originally $50, but half off on Zulily!

I am a new addicted fan of Matilda Jane. I first learned about this brand from an extended family member. Her daughter, Bella, wore it well! I love the unique and fun designs for girls. Ellie wore this top for the first time on Saturday with her new boots. Too cute! This is the "Piper" top. 

Ellie in hew new boots and MJ top; twirling!
Recent buys for Summer:

For Summer I could not resist this leopard dress:

 And, this adorable pom pom hat:

I am in love with these gold moccasins by Little Looker I just picked up from Hatch (a local kids boutique). Just another reason to put her in more dresses and skirts. These shoes will look adorable with tights. The metallic are leather and the color ones are suede. And they are gender neutral!

Photos via Hatch
It's really hard to resist buying clothes and accessories for the girls. I would much rather shop for them than for myself. If you are in the area check out Hatch! They have the coolest stuff for boys and the cutest stuff for girls. They sell clothing, shoes, toys, jewelry, and a ton of accessories (hair bows, suspenders, and bow ties are just a few). It's all of your "favorites" on Etsy in one shop. I'm obsessed!

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