Friday, September 20, 2013

Last night was a rough one. Although both girls were asleep by 8:00, Summer was up a few times before her usual 11pm feeding and Ellie was another story. Ellie has been falling asleep in my bed with me, then eventually I will move her into her crib for the night and she will usually wake between 8-9am, but twice this week it's been 11am! Last night Ellie wouldn't go into her crib (she woke up and cried for me). Then, Summer woke at the same time so Ellie was up while I nursed and put her back to sleep. I had to get ready for bed and Ellie didn't want to be in my bed by herself so she was up helping me. Then, Summer woke and spit up on herself so I had to change her and Ellie was excited that she was up so she was talking to her (i.e. waking her up). Still, I couldn't help but enjoy the moment as Ellie was telling her, "we're all best friends Summer- you, me and Mommy." Seriously?! This girl is the best. Even at midnight and even though I was anticipating a tough night ahead. And that it was. The three of us didn't get back to sleep till around 2. I had to nurse, then pump, and Ellie wanted to talk.... At 3:30 both girls woke up and Ellie did not want to go back to sleep. At that time I woke up my husband. He sleeps in another room and gets a good nights sleep every night (no jealousy here...). Supposedly Ellie slept from 4:30-6 and he brought her to me at 7. Summer and I slept peacefully for 3 hours. Luckily, Summer is still sleeping, but Ellie and I have been up for a while now. I'm tired. Lots of coffee for this mama this morning.

This is what bed time has looked like for us the past few nights
The girls and I are hosting a pumpkin carving play date in October. It will be something to look forward to and I'm excited to plan a festive party for Ellie and her friends.

My carved pumpkin last Halloween
Macy's is having their VIP sale this weekend. I tried on these boots because I love the zipper and they fit so well and are super cheap ($50 after the 20%). But, sadly the calf is too wide. I highly recommend them though! I love the camel, but they also come in black.

MIA Cammi Boots
Macy's stores also now carry Kate Spade watches. I love Kate Spade and went to check out the watches after trying on the boots and was pleasantly surprised to see their collection. I've only seen KS watches online so I was anxious to try them on. These are my favorites and I'm definitely adding one to my wishlist.
Gold watch
Leather watch
I could use a drink tonight and this one looks very yummy. I love a good margarita (skinny, on the rocks, with salt)!

Cookie and Kale
And, a happy quote for Friday:

Have a great weekend!

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