Thursday, September 5, 2013

My First DIY Project Using Annie Sloan Paint

This was my first time painting with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I had mentioned in another post that I was picking out a color. I chose the "Emile," which is a purple color with a hint of gray. In addition to the paint I also had to buy the soft wax and cheese cloths. The soft wax will last for a long time so it's worth the money ($27). A family friend had handmade this toy chest for Ellie when she was born. Initially I was going to stain it, but after reading about Annie Sloan I decided it would be my first chalk paint project. I want to add that this is not "chalkboard" paint. I even made this mistake the first time I heard about this type of paint. The completed project:

The nice thing about chalk paint is that you don't need to prime beforehand. But, you will need to do two coats with the darker colored paint. The paint dries quickly (about 45 minutes) and has low VOCs so you could paint indoors without worrying about chemicals or airing out your house. I painted in our garage, but next time may just stay inside. Another awesome thing about this paint is that you can paint anything. Yes, anything! It sticks to just about any surface- wood, concrete, metal, plastic, and supposedly even fabric. I would love to try it on old fabric instead of reupholstering. You can read more about Annie Sloan chalk paint here.

The supplies:

This is what the color looked like when I opened the can:

It was then that I remembered I was supposed to turn the can over for about an hour prior to opening to let all of the color come off the bottom of the can. Woops! I don't think it made any difference. I mixed it well. 

The cheese cloths are used to apply the wax to the furniture (or whatever it is you are painting). The wax adds a subtle sheen, as well as protection and durability. In the photo below I show the difference with the wax on and not yet applied. The best way to use the cloth is to fold it into a small square and put it directly into the wax (use about a tablespoon). Work in small sections- "wax on, wax off" is the phrase. Apply the wax and rub in as you would body lotion, then use another section of the cloth to rub the wax off. Do this all over and after a few hours it will be done! I used the "clear" wax, but Annie Sloan also carries a dark wax, which gives it a more distressed finish. I wanted to keep it modern, which is why I chose the clear. 

Here is a picture during the waxing process:

Toy Chest Before:

I love the final project and the pretty color!

The toy chest fits perfectly under the window. I had been wanting to get a new container for Ellie's extra stuffed animals that have been in her room and this is the perfect solution. Have you tried Annie Sloan paint? What are your thoughts painting with it? I will definitely be painting with it again!

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