Friday, April 8, 2011

Nursery Updates

I posted an update of the nursery a few weeks ago here. All of these items have been checked off: the crib skirt, chandelier, dresser drawers. However, I'm still on the search for curtains. Here are the most recent photos of our baby girl's nursery, which I am in love with!

Before: an empty, but painted room, with inexpensive white curtains (Walmart) to cover the windows. Also, an odd shaped room. This house was originally a cape, but the previous owners added on to the back of the house to make it more a traditional home. This room has slanted ceilings and a (big) closet with 2 doors, one awkward one as shown below:


When I first started designing our baby girl's nursery I envisioned the light blue walls with pops of hot pink. I love the outcome of her room. It is a space she can grow into and I will love spending time in here, as well. Once our baby girl is here I have planned to buy a monogrammed decal for her wall (recently shown here) and a few prints from Etsy.

The chandelier is my favorite item in the room. I love the Giant print because it has sentimental value. It used to be in my childhood room, but was given away at some point. About 5 years ago my Mom surprised me with this framed picture and I've been saving it to hang one day in my child's nursery. We love it! I also love the color of the curtains (on the 1 window). Unfortunately, there was only 2 panels when I bought them on clearance at Ross a while back. I searched the internet for them, but haven't found them. I hope to find a similar color or a light gray color.

The bookcase fits perfectly under the slanted wall and holds all of her books. I am shopping for a large brown basket to hold toys. We currently have a glider handed down from friends of ours, but I am searching for a new comfortable chair to replace this one.

I will add more pictures as the room is completed.

Sources shown here.

DIY Closet Dividers

Whether you want to separate your clothes in your closet or a child's closet you can make your own for cheap and to your liking. I made some for my baby girl's nursery to separate her clothes in her closet into sections for 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 months. As she grows older I can peel off the numbers to add new ones.

I bought 6 plain white dividers from the Container Store for $1 each: 

  • Scrapbook paper (you can use any type of paper)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil to trace
  • Mod Podge (I also had double sided tape, but didn't use it)
  • Sponge applicators
I chose 3 patterns I liked, traced the divider on the scrapbook paper, cut to fit, applied the Mod Podge to the divider, then carefully pressed the paper on both sides of the divider. The result:
 I bought stickers to place on each divider (both sides) from AC Moore, on clearance, in pink and gold:
  Final product:

DIY Dresser Drawers

I bought two dressers from Craigslist, including this dresser, for $30. Also in this bundle were a mirror and shelves, which I sold and made back $20. So I really bought the 2 dressers for only $10. Can't be beat! This dresser (shown below) was in our garage for over a year. When we found out we were expecting I knew this would fit perfectly in the alcove by the window in the nursery. Read about the dresser makeover here.

The dresser came lined with contact paper, which was unexpectedly easy to peel off. Because the drawers were now sticky I decided to line the drawers with a thick wrapping paper (patterns shown here). I found another perfect tutorial by Young House Love (also used their tutorial for the crib skirt). I bought the wrapping paper from Parkside Papers (by Wooster & Prince) and love the finished product!
  • I fitted the paper to each drawer: made a template for the 6 drawers and another for the other 3 middle drawers.
  • I applied 1 coat of Mod Podge to the drawer itself (not to the paper)
  • I carefully applied the paper to the drawer hoping not to cause any bubbles. I used a ruler to smooth the paper from the middle to the edges
  • After allowing it to dry overnight, I then applied a second coat of Mod Podge to the top of the wrapping paper, as shown here:
 After the 2nd coat of Mod Podge dried (overnight), this is the final outcome:
 The 3 middle drawers:
Each drawer is filled with her adorable, tiny clothes:

 And, I placed diaper changing necessities in the top drawer for easy access:

DIY Crib Skirt

Crib Skirt: I decided to make my own crib skirt using a no sew technique with Heat 'n Bond tape. I bought 3 kinds of fabric from Jo Ann Fabrics so I can always switch out the crib skirt for a new look. I started with the hot pink, which I'm loving with the light blue walls and bedding.  
I used this tutorial, which was very helpful!

 I measured about 1" off the ground:
 I used velcro, as suggested in the tutorial, and this is what it looks like under the mattress:
 The final product:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bright Finds at CB2

I'm loving this bright geometric print rug at CB2. Perfect for inside or outside use. Only $80 for 5x8, the Casbah Rug:
And, this bright orange tray table for $50. Use as a side table or to hold bar accessories:


When we bought our house these cherry blossom trees were in bloom. I love this time of year. The pink is just gorgeous. They don't last long, but they are definitely worth the view each year!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 Top Trends in Decorating

House Beautiful features the 5 top trends in American decorating. They outline some of the best interior design ideas for 2011. Check them out below to make some changes or updates in your home:

1. Bold Color: love this one! Add an unexpected splash of color in furniture, a rug, or window treatments. To try it out buy an inexpensive piece of furniture from a consignment shop or Craigslist and paint it a bright color that compliments the other colors in the room, as the purple upholstered chair compliments the turquoise walls below.

    2. The Livable Great Room: breaking down the room into smaller, intimate settings. I have to agree that this can be a difficult space to decorate. I've found this to be true with our great room. I have separated the dining space, a TV space, and I'm still in progress with another space in the room.

    3. The New Gathering Place: a cozy alcove is the new kitchen design trend. A place to lounge with coffee in the mornings or a place to have chic dinner parties.

    4. The Soft Side of Modern: modern design mixed with organic materials. Clean lines and geometric shapes, but using softer design elements.

    5. A Masterful Mix of Design Styles: blending modern and antique furniture; eclectic design. Although I do like mixing the two designs, I think the room below is too much of too many styles. The wicker with the lace rug and patterned curtains are too much. If your design is more modern or contemporary I would pick a few antique pieces to incorporate into the room, and vice versa. Just don't go overboard!

    Photos via House Beautiful

      Monday, April 4, 2011

      Waiting for Our Baby to Arrive

      I honestly thought our baby would arrive early since all other first-time mamas I know had gone early. I guess our baby girl is pretty comfy and she's still quite active in there! We finished most of the nursery, but still need a comfortable glider and new curtains. Our bags are also packed and ready to go, her co-sleeper is set up next to my bed, the pack n play and lamb swing are set up in our great room- all waiting for her arrival!

      Since I didn't go early (well, I'm still 3 days away from my due date) here is some of what I've been up to with my free time:

      • Love this striped top! Would be perfect with white skinny jeans. I'm looking forward to wearing regular clothes again!!
      • Enjoyed a hot pink pedicure to soothe my swollen feet.
      • Lots of walking in my favorite park. Not sure if it's helping speed up the process or my baby is just enjoying the walking!
      • Shopping at Bloomies. Latest purchase- a very cute Betsy Johnson bathrobe. Hot pink & black. Perfect for the hospital. Plus super on sale with friends & family this weekend.
      • And, lots of spring cleaning!
      Will post pictures soon of the nursery!

      A Before & After Cottage Bedroom

      I love this before & after guest bedroom featured at House Beautiful. I love the bold, glossy turquoise on the walls paired with white bedding and red accessories.

      Bedroom Before
      Bedroom After

      Corridor to Bedroom Before
      Corridor After
      Bathroom Before
      Bathroom After
      I love that the designer kept the original floors of the bathroom and added the striped walls with continuing the use of the bold turquoise from the bedroom. The homeowner is lucky to have the built-ins through the corridor for extra storage.

      Tour the rest of the makeover series here: