Monday, April 4, 2011

Waiting for Our Baby to Arrive

I honestly thought our baby would arrive early since all other first-time mamas I know had gone early. I guess our baby girl is pretty comfy and she's still quite active in there! We finished most of the nursery, but still need a comfortable glider and new curtains. Our bags are also packed and ready to go, her co-sleeper is set up next to my bed, the pack n play and lamb swing are set up in our great room- all waiting for her arrival!

Since I didn't go early (well, I'm still 3 days away from my due date) here is some of what I've been up to with my free time:

  • Love this striped top! Would be perfect with white skinny jeans. I'm looking forward to wearing regular clothes again!!
  • Enjoyed a hot pink pedicure to soothe my swollen feet.
  • Lots of walking in my favorite park. Not sure if it's helping speed up the process or my baby is just enjoying the walking!
  • Shopping at Bloomies. Latest purchase- a very cute Betsy Johnson bathrobe. Hot pink & black. Perfect for the hospital. Plus super on sale with friends & family this weekend.
  • And, lots of spring cleaning!
Will post pictures soon of the nursery!

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