Wednesday, April 6, 2011

5 Top Trends in Decorating

House Beautiful features the 5 top trends in American decorating. They outline some of the best interior design ideas for 2011. Check them out below to make some changes or updates in your home:

1. Bold Color: love this one! Add an unexpected splash of color in furniture, a rug, or window treatments. To try it out buy an inexpensive piece of furniture from a consignment shop or Craigslist and paint it a bright color that compliments the other colors in the room, as the purple upholstered chair compliments the turquoise walls below.

    2. The Livable Great Room: breaking down the room into smaller, intimate settings. I have to agree that this can be a difficult space to decorate. I've found this to be true with our great room. I have separated the dining space, a TV space, and I'm still in progress with another space in the room.

    3. The New Gathering Place: a cozy alcove is the new kitchen design trend. A place to lounge with coffee in the mornings or a place to have chic dinner parties.

    4. The Soft Side of Modern: modern design mixed with organic materials. Clean lines and geometric shapes, but using softer design elements.

    5. A Masterful Mix of Design Styles: blending modern and antique furniture; eclectic design. Although I do like mixing the two designs, I think the room below is too much of too many styles. The wicker with the lace rug and patterned curtains are too much. If your design is more modern or contemporary I would pick a few antique pieces to incorporate into the room, and vice versa. Just don't go overboard!

    Photos via House Beautiful

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