Monday, January 31, 2011

I love the available colors of this slipcover from World Market. They have it in purple! I feel like I see so many slipcovers in beige, white, brown, etc so it was surprising to see such bold colors. Also sold in khaki, ivory, red, and charcoal. Buy it separately (for a pre-owned chair) or buy the frame for only $90 on sale:

Slipcovers shown in purple & red ($100):

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Enjoying My Morning Cup of Coffee

While at Home Goods yesterday I bought these new aqua coffee cups, and surprisingly these were my only purchase. I love the color and they were only $3 each. I love deep coffee cups with a wide handle to wrap my fingers through.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Inspiring Spaces

I love the rooms of this designer, Hillary Thomas. She brings an eclectic mix of contemporary and antiques pieces with splashes of color (the unexpected pink curtains and the aqua dresser, for example). See below for some of her spaces:

Hillary Thomas Designs

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wall Decals for the Nursery and Beyond

I love the variety of wall decals. My primary source of shopping for wall decals has been Etsy. There are so many options from so many different sellers. I have been shopping for the nursery. First, I was interested in buying white "blooms" that would mimic wallpaper. Then, I chose to stick with the bedding and other patterns in the room and the blooms would be too overwhelming. However, I would consider them for another room (maybe my dressing room or bathroom).

By byrdiegraphics, buy here:

Then, my husband and I were looking at monograms for the nursery (we are keeping the name a secret until the birth of our daughter) so we wouldn't purchase this till after the baby is born. But, there are so many options. Here are the styles we are loving:

By ahintofchicboutique, buy here:
 By back40life, buy here:
 By ahintofchicboutique, buy here:
 By ahintofchicboutique, buy here:

Instead of using a monogram for a nursery you could place one above your bed with yours or yours and your partner's initial. You could also use the letter of your last name and place somewhere inside your home (in an entryway or above a doorway). Be creative!

I also love owls and although I'm leaning towards owl prints rather than the decals, I thought these were super cute:

Both by Wee Decor

And, cute name decals, also by Wee Decor:

There are so many wall decals online, and I thought I'd share a few favorites of mine. 
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, January 24, 2011

I recently saw these silver vases on an episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (yes, I'll admit I watch this mindless entertainment). They were overflowing with pink roses. I know they probably cost a fortune, but I found similar ones at Michaels for only $7.99 each and that doesn't include a 40 or 50% off coupon. I'm thinking you could use it the same way either alone or in bunches (at such a great price you could) and as a vase or to hold pens on your desk, make up brushes on your vanity, and the list can go on.

Fabric Shopping

This weekend my main goal was to shop for possible fabric selections for curtains in the nursery. I looked at various sites online, but found them to be super expensive. Jo Ann Fabrics was having a sale (40-50% off) so I found the nearest location and spent over an hour looking at the many different patterns and colors. I've actually never been to a Jo Ann Fabrics store before and was pleasantly surprised by the number of patterns I liked. Although I did not take advantage of the sale, I did find out they have fabric sales about once/month, which is good to know. I got a bunch of fabric samples mostly for the nursery, but found 2 possible patterns for the office, as well.

I was looking at blues and purples for the nursery & greens for the office. My inspiration for the office are the 2 pillows on our daybed (pictures to follow). The nursery fabric I was inspired from the bedding. I decided I'd rather not go with white curtains since the crib and dresser and trim are all white. I want the nursery to be fun and colorful (thinking blues, hot pinks, and purple).

Again, here is the bedding:
 And, with the new crib:
The fabric swatches:
Below are the ones I am leaning towards, and after showing my husband we narrowed it down to the 2 darker blues.
The fabric selections for the office:
I love the tropical print of the flowers and the green and light blue would pick up the colors from the pillows. But, I also love the fun zebra print in an unexpected green!

I also need to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up curtain clips and I already have the iron on adhesive to (easily) make my own curtains.

I plan to wait till after my baby shower (late February) to buy the fabric because I want to be 100% sure of the pattern once the nursery is completed and the bedding is set up in the crib. I will post updates if I find other possible fabrics and with the final decision.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Kids Rooms

I love this post by House & Home Magazine on Kids Rooms. These rooms have inspired me and I'm sure they will for you, as well. Not only does it provide inspiration for a kids room, but also for other rooms in your home. Check out some of my favorites below and check here for all 19 photos.

I love the turquoise paint color. Mixed with the white it reminds me of a tropical beach!

I love the velvet headboard and striped bed skirt. An older piece of furniture was painted to a chic light aqua used as a bedside table. A perfect room for a little girl:

The white is so peaceful for this nursery and the pops of hot pink make it girly. Definitely a room that the child can grow with:

Love, Love this room!! I love the 2 tone curtains on the big open window. I love the white bedding with pops of color. And, I love the chair with the animal print upholstery:

Another pop of color, but this time with wallpaper. A very fun and creative way to spruce up a girl's bedroom (or any space really). And, another old furniture find updated with a fresh coat of paint and clear glass knobs:

A sophisticated girl's room with the soft lavender panelled walls, vintage bed, and chandelier:

Love the mix of blues and greens and the sophistication of the mirrored console and chandelier. A non pink nor purple room for a girls room:

Friday, January 14, 2011

Foot Rest

I'm searching for an ottoman for a possible of 3 different rooms in our house: my husband would like one for the blue chair in our front room, I would like one for the glider in our nursery (we were lucky enough to receive this from friends, but it's without the matching foot rest), and one for my dressing room (for use to primarily put on shoes). Below are some options:

I love this dark grey tufted storage ottoman from Overstock ($130). The tufts really make it look more expensive and very classic. I love the color and that you can store blankets, magazines, etc inside!
Another round tufted ottoman without the storage from Target in purple ($64):
(Also comes in green & brown)
An inexpensive option from Homegoods:

This bench would be perfect for the nursery, as mentioned in this post:
Another very inexpensive option (only $20!) from American Signature. Perfect for my dressing room- small and serves its purpose:

I think my best options are to search Home Goods and American Signature. 
I hope to find one (or a few) soon & will keep you posted!

While searching for curtain finales for the rods in our nursery I came across these new curtains from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I love the pattern & texture, and they come in a variety of colors (not just the white, brown, & gold that I see so often). I love the purple and silver. Check out the other colors here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Goods Love

I was so tempted in one of my visits to Home Goods to buy everything below. I especially love the chairs. Take a look:

So colorful it made me smile:

Love the pattern and color of this wingback chair plus the nail head studs! But, pricey even at Home Goods at a price of $399:

 Very Moroccan; a statement piece- perfect for an empty wall or entryway:
This black mirror is very glamourous, or paint it a bright, whimsical color:
 Love the zebra print!
Can be used anywhere (bookcase, side table, bathroom) by itself or to hold a few flowers. Love the ceramic flower on the front:
 Thought this pillow would add a fun pop of color to the nursery:
Definitely a possible do it yourself piece of furniture, or save the time and energy and buy for $150. A very "in" pattern and color:
 Love these prints, especially when used in multiples. Only $20 each:
Another bench in a coral print. Use for extra seating, in your walk-in closet, or to stack books or towels in a bathroom: