Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fantastic Furniture Finds

I am always browsing Craigslist to search for inexpensive furniture. In one search, I put "wide dresser" thinking that there were a few places I could make a home for it, plus it would be extra storage. Of course, I wasn't expecting to find exactly what I was looking for at the price I wanted, but I was willing to do a DIY (do-it-yourself) project. I found a wide dresser in a bedroom collection on the site and emailed the seller for the cost of just the dresser. When she emailed back telling me the set was $300 and the dresser was $150 I quickly passed. I didn't need a DIY dresser project for $150 plus the cost of supplies. A couple weeks passed and I received an email from the seller asking if I was still interested and what would I pay for it since she needed it out of the house in 2 days. I low-balled it and said $30, and she said "it's yours." Not only did she give me the wide dresser for $30, but she gave me the entire bedroom collection, which also included another small dresser, 2 bookshelves, and a mirror. Although these pieces were originally used in a bedroom, I like finding other uses for them, as well. For example, the dressers could hold clothes, or they could be a buffet table and hold extra linens, an entryway table, or extra storage in our basement.
I love the style and structure of the dressers- straight lines and sturdy drawers. However, I don't like the color wood. I plan to paint it when I figure out the room placement of these items. I will replace the drawer pulls, as well. I am still not sure what or where the 2 bookshelves will go- they might need a complete DIY makeover. I will also paint the mirror frame (if I decide to keep it).
My friends & family think I always find a good deal, but it doesn't always come easy. Patience is key. I also take the time to shop for what I want and have a purpose in mind!

Doors open to pull-out drawers inside:

2 Bookshelves:

The following day I was driving past one of my favorite consignment shops and spotted this yellow chair outside. I stopped and asked the owner the price. Let me tell you- the most I was thinking I'd pay was $30. Shockingly, it was only $8!! I had also spotted a stool, but at $7 I decided I didn't need it. As I was paying, I was told the limit was $10 for my debit card. So, the owner sold me the stool for $2!
The chair caught my eye not only because of the yellow fabric, but I also love the style. I will paint the chair frame a different color, which leads me to ask YOU:

**Suggestions? What colors would you think would look best against the mustard yellow? I would love to read your comments and hear your opinions. **

Colors that came to my mind were turquoise, navy, cream, or chocolate brown. The room I will be putting it in has beige walls, a stone fireplace, hardwood floors, and shades of brown furniture. The yellow will compliment the other colors in the room, but also add a pop of unexpected color.

The stool will also be painted (surprise, surprise). Instead of using the stool for its intended purpose, I am thinking of using it to stack books and/or magazines. A bright color (fuschia, turquoise) would add character to any room.

Please let me know your suggestions on paint colors for the chair. I will post more pictures once these do-it-yourself projects are completed!


  1. I think a rubbed eggshell or even a blue/gray like the cobblestones under the stool above. Sent link for old world finishing

  2. I think a gray might look great- thanks for your comment!

  3. Emily if you would like to go more contempory pull the deep purplish/red color from the one stone on top left of fireplace.
    this is the place I was telling you about yesterday the What we have section shows some pics. they have your knobs too! By the way I(cousin Linda) could only post under anon.

  4. Hi Linda! Thanks for the website- I'll check it out. I like the deep purple idea, too. I think I'm still leaning towards the gray...I appreciate your thoughts! :)

  5. Emily, you could paint one of the dressers light gray, with accents of light blue around the front rectangles of the piece, as well on the top panel. You could also use some of the glass knobs that you found and switch them out for the original door pulls. Adding stencil work could also be a great way to add drama to the pieces! The chairs might be great with a mahogany stain on the wood and purple accent pillows.

  6. Hi Katie! Did you see that idea in InStyle Magazine? I think it was there that I saw how they painted a dresser the same way. It's fun & creative. I like the purple pillow idea against the yellow. Thanks for posting!!