Monday, October 31, 2011

Ellie's 1st Halloween!

We've been celebrating Ellie's 1st Halloween since the 22nd when my in-laws had a pumpkin carving party. The following Monday my husband took off work so we could spend the day pumpkin picking as a family. Then, the next day was Ellie's Halloween playgroup date. Yesterday, the 30th, was her cousin's 4th birthday party. And, today is Halloween. Hope everyone had a fun-filled day!

Here are some photos of our celebrations:
Pumpkin Carving in Costume #1: Pretty Butterfly!
I carved the outline of Ellie's hands for the eyes and a heart for the mouth. I wanted to include Ellie in some way in our 1st pumpkin carving and was able to hold each hand on the pumpkin long enough to quickly trace the outline of her tiny hands:
Pumpkin Picking in her pumpkin outfit!

Ellie's 1st Halloween! Cutest Elephant Ever!
 I bought this leopard mask at Michael's for only $1. I had to have it!

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Metallic Crush

While browsing on West Elm's website I found these metallic canisters- a change from the clear ones we see so often. And the uses are endless. I'm thinking not just for in the bathroom, but also to hold jewelry on a vanity (long necklaces), hair accessories, lip glosses (what I need), make-up/lotion samples, keys on an entryway table, or just a place to hide anything in a pretty container! Would also make a great gift this holiday season. Hint, hint! Just kidding. ;)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Glimpse into My Busy Life

As much as I enjoy coaching it's been a very busy few months. Since the middle of August (pre-season) I've been coaching High School girls field hockey. It's been fun, but also very time consuming. Here is a glimpse of what a typical day has been like these past few months:
7:30 Ellie woke up, morning ritual (changing, eating, etc). Play with toys.
9:30 Playdate at Clay's house! Ellie played with toys and watched the other kids while Mommy enjoyed coffee, cookies, and friendship.
11:00 Home: read books, Ellie napped (11:15-12:45). During her nap I did wash and caught up on emails. Getting on the computer during the day is rare so this was nice!
1:00-2:00 We took a walk around the neighborhood & I caught up with my best friend on the phone, Lauren- due with her baby girl 11/16!

2:00 Home, Ellie played with toys independently while I got ready for practice.
2:30 Babysitter comes (Mom-Mom)
3:00-5:00 Practice
5:15 Welcomed home with smiles and open arms from Ellie (love this!). Mom-Mom leaves and we turn on the music and I begin dinner. Tonight was stir-fry: Kashi 7 grain pilaf (recommend this- healthy & filling) with broccoli and salmon. Ellie sits in her Bumbo, plays, and watches me cook. I also made her cereal while cooking my dinner (hubby is working late). We ate dinner together. Again, another night of loving her food. Lots of smiles!
6:30 After I cleaned up Ellie got a bath and we began her nighttime ritual: read books, nurse, sing songs while rocking. Ellie was asleep around 7:30 tonight. Because she is teething she will wake up a few times before midnight, then usually sleeps from 12 to anytime between 6-8.
8:00 I check email, clean the house (Ellie's toys, finish wash, vacuum if needed), then usually unwind and relax on the couch for a dvr'd show before bed. Love my mindless entertainment: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl (love this show), Kendra, and my most recently favorite show- Revenge. I'm off now to watch last night's episode!

Next week will be my first week back to our normal schedule. My field hockey season ends tomorrow and I am looking forward to spending my afternoons with Ellie again. I look forward to day trips without having to be home for practice or games. I also have lots of house projects to do that have been untouched since the summer. More on that to come!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ellie's 1st Taste of Food!

Tonight Ellie had her 1st taste of cereal. I bought Earth's Best whole grain cereal and mixed it with breast milk since she is still nursing. We sat her in the Bumbo with the tray (we'll use the highchair when she starts eating more often). We took a ton of pictures and a couple videos, too. A milestone. She loved it!! It was so cute to watch her open her mouth and even lick the spoon. Here are some pictures:
 1st Bite:
 Licking the spoon for every last bit: