Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Wish List

I know it's still July and the summertime, but the Nordstrom Sale is a great time to stock up on fall items. I've realized the past couple years that it really does make sense to buy now because a lot of these items rarely go on sale and prices go back up in August. The early cardholder sale is going on right now, but it opens to the public this Friday, the 22nd. 

Last summer I bought the girls North Face fleeces and they got so much wear out of them. I bought them a little big and they will be able to wear them again this year, which I'm happy about!

I love this jacket and wear it all through winter. It keeps you very warm and it's waterproof. Another great price!

My Wish List for Fall

I really would like a pair of these this season!

There were a few items on my wish list that have sold out. I'm hoping they will come back in stock before the sale ends (that does happen sometimes!). 

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Beach Vacation

Two weeks ago we were back in Brigantine Beach for our family vacation. We got every year since my husband's aunt and uncle have a house there. We rent it for a week. It's a quieter shore town and really nice to relax and recharge for the week. The beaches are big and always empty, which is so nice. The walk down is only a couple blocks down and since they own the house there are wagons and beach toys and chairs (all of which we don't need to pack). 

 My everyday breakfast of avocado toast (sometimes with tomato, too). Summer made me playdoh "cookies," too.

 This was me everyday- getting in a short nap and trying to even out my tan. 

We went out to eat at a local restaurant with amazing food. One night I brought my camera and we took some pictures at the beach. 

 I love feeling Summer's arms wrapped around my neck and glad my husband captured these moments. 
 Summer has started copying Ellie with posing for the camera 

Of course, we had to go out for ice cream a few times during the week at Aunt B's

My Mom gave the girls these adorable butterfly wings. Summer wouldn't take hers off.

Another week of memories!

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Time Wish List

I've been wanting a hammock for years now. I would need a stand because we don't have two good trees, but I'm loving the tassels on this one. 

I absolutely love this swing!! The price is great, too.
Wood Tree Swing

 If I had a pool I'd have this in there. Such a great idea and I love the flamingo. 

This would make a great Father's Day gift. I love that you can personalize it, too.

Now that it's summer we are using our grill more often. I'm also using it more to cook veggies and fish. I need to buy a few cooking accessories. 

I've heard great things about cooking fish on cedar planks and you can soak them in any liquid for added flavor. 

I love experimenting with different recipes to make popsicles in the summertime. One of my favorite childhood memories! My Mom used to make us vanilla yogurt popsicles and orange juice popsicles. I thought they were such a treat and they were so easy to make. With Pinterest around you could find a different recipe each time.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Summertime Essentials + Recent Buys

I need a new pool bag and I love one that is waterproof. I've seen these often at the pool and am deciding which print to go with. I love the large one for the pool/beach to hold our towels and all of our essentials and the smaller one for a cooler. I've been looking for a cooler that can hold all of our stuff without being too big. This one looks perfect. Plus, the pockets can hold our sunscreen cool.

I took the girls to Nordstrom last week. I had already ordered Summer a pair of Natives, but Ellie needed to try them on. She chose the purple (same as last year). She also picked out a new pair of Havaianas flip flops. The girls know the flip flops can only be worn for the pool or beach. Not even in our backyard. Too much risk for injury. The Natives are their everyday shoe. 

Recent Buys

I just bought these shorts

I just bought this tank and love the fabric. I wore it to a pop-up beer garden last Thursday night. I may have to get another color I love it so much.

Photo credit, Summer

 I also ordered this top over the weekend in red and yellow that I blogged about a while back.

It's been in the 80s here recently and going through my summer clothes from the past couple summers I realized I needed new tanks. J.Crew has always been my go-to for summer tank tops.

My favorite purchase lately is this dress. I ran into the mall one day with the girls and saw this dress. It caught my eye and I loved it. I sent my husband a picture and the girls commented how pretty and flowy it was. Later that day I came out of the shower and it was laying on my bed. I was so shocked! I wore it Sunday night to dinner in the city with flats to dress it down. I wish we could have gotten a good picture, but the lighting wasn't great.

It is another beautiful day today and the girls and I are going strawberry picking!

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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Turns 3

On Summer's birthday, May 5th, I took the girls to the Aquarium. We hadn't been since Ellie's 2nd birthday and I was pregnant with Summer. Summer's favorite part was the "fish." I loved the shark tunnel the best, but everything was awesome. 

I picked up this number 3 balloon at the party store the night before. Ellie and I also surprised her in the morning with two pink balloons. Summer woke up saying, "My birthday now?"

Summer's "3" shirt is from one of my favorite Etsy shops

Checking out the hippos
 Ellie was surprised she touched a sting ray!

Summer told me she wanted Jules pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert. We picked up the cupcakes from our favorite local bakery, Velvet Sky.

Food: Lime Chobani yogurt, Grandmom's green pasta (pesto pasta)
Phrase: "best!" ("Best Mommy!"), "dupe dupe dupe" ("dupe dupe high")
Toys: Barbies, dolls
Pretend Play: Mom and kid (her and Ellie)
Activities: coloring, swings, running, playing tag

Summer is so silly and loves making us laugh. She has started talking more recently but still comes up with her own phrases. "Dupe dupe high" for pushing her super duper high on the swing. To express her love for us she will say, "best Mommy!" If I give her a kiss on the lips that also ends up on her chin or above her lip she will grab my face and give me a gentle kiss again to make sure we only kiss on the lips. She loves to wear dresses and twirl just like her big sister. Speaking of her big sis, she loves to do everything Ellie does. Especially when we are taking pictures. If Ellie crosses her feet so does Summer. Recently Summer has started posing herself for pictures with her hands on her hips. It's too cute. Summer will not let me put her hair up. Sometimes she will keep in a bow or a headband for a short period of time. When I show her pictures how she used to wear her hair a year ago she will tell me no. She is still in her crib and since we moved the dresser to the other side of the room she hasn't tried to climb out again. She is still nursing about once a day. 

We love you, Summer!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Ellie's Last Day of School

Friday was Ellie's last day of school and her last day of Pre-School. I was really feeling emotional about it because she is going to Kindergarten in the fall. I don't want to think about this until the end of the summer when I need to. I told Ellie that I was sad it was her last day and she replied, "But, Mommy, I will spend all summer with you." I am going to soak up these days! 

I love the side by side pictures from the first day of school to the last:

She still loves to pose for the camera!

To celebrate her last day I took the girls to a Farm that we had never been to before. It's known for its ice cream and I wanted to treat them. Ellie convinced me to get the strawberry and I'm still thinking about it. It was so good! We also played a round of mini golf. Summer got a hole in one on the first hole! I wish I had captured her reaction on video. She screamed and jumped up and down. It was really hot that afternoon- in the high 80s and sunny. It was a fun day!

It is officially summer time for us!