Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recent Buys + Wish List

Last Friday night I met some play group friends for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I purposely got there early so I could shop next door at the J.Crew Factory Store. Everything in the store was 50% off. I have been looking for the perfect light chambray top and found it here. I love the style. Here I'm wearing it with leggings and Frye boots. Hopefully next time the weather will be nice enough for white jeans/jean shorts.
These are my favorite summer tanks and I plan to add a few more colors to my collection. Love this purple:
Vintage Cotton Tank
Since I will be spending lots of time outdoors this summer in our backyard, at the beach, and at the baby pool I want to have the option of covering up without sacrificing style and without over-heating. I love this rashguard. There are a ton of colors and I love the zipper in the front. 

I love these jean shorts:
This gorgeous maxi skirt:
I am definitely in the market for some new summer items. Last spring I was pregnant and wasn't buying anything new since I knew I would lose the baby weight. I do have shorts from two summers ago that fit, but I really need new tops. The only ones I know I'll be wearing for sure are the J.Crew vintage tanks that they have again this year. I'm hoping I can go shopping without kids sometime soon!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Recap

We had such a fun day on Sunday. It was Summer's first Easter so a special day. We captured the egg hunts on video, but have a few pictures, too. It's much more fun to watch and see Ellie's reaction. She was so happy and excited when she came down in the morning and saw the Easter baskets. We read both books right away and Ellie loves hers. A great girly book! ("I Had a Favorite Dress"). Ellie was also excited to see "treats" in her basket. She did a good job with the egg hunt; although, we had to give her clues on where to look. We couldn't find the last egg until I saw pieces of the shell on the floor where Summer was playing. I had put one in one of her toys and she must have picked it up, dropped it, then put in the toy basket. We also had an outdoor egg hunt. Ellie picked each one up, then shook it to hear what could possibly be inside, then opened each one before going onto the next.
This is her, "I don't hear anything" face (stickers were inside):
I had to replicate a photo I saw on Pinterest. It was too cute not to do with Summer and I already had the props- baby Easter bunny ears and a styrofoam white ball. We eventually got a good photo, but we had a good laugh watching her crawl around in just the bunny ears! Look at her little butt!
While Summer took a morning nap I went for a run. It was so nice to finally wear shorts outside. When I got home Ellie was dressed in her mermaid outfit playing "mermaids." We swam in the ocean, sunbathed on the towel, and looked for treasures. I love her imaginative play!
We first went to my in-laws for lunch, then to my parents for dinner. The girls were spoiled at each of their houses with Easter baskets, egg hunts, and new clothes. It was fun to spend the day with all of our family. I loved the girls dresses this year. Summer is wearing a white Gap dress with Old Navy shoes. Ellie is wearing a dress my mother-in-law bought with her Toms Mary Janes. This is such a sweet picture of the two of them:
Ellie is looking more like a little girl these days:
And, Summer will be walking ANY day now! She has been standing up on her own without holding on to anything and we are just waiting for her to take that step. I love the back of her dress with the bow.
A picture of me with the girls:
And, how amazing is this photo of Summer kissing me!! I will definitely be framing this one. :)
Easter, 2014

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs & Basket Goodies

We decorated eggs this evening and Ellie was a pro after I demonstrated. We brought Summer's highchair outside so she could watch while eating dinner. I made the hard boiled eggs this afternoon and used dye tablets from a Easter package I bought at Target. We used both a spoon and a silicone whisk to dip the eggs. After each dyed egg, Ellie exclaimed, "wow! So beautiful!"
The Easter bunny filled the girls' baskets and hid the dyed eggs. We also plan to toss some plastic-filled eggs in the backyard tomorrow morning while the girls are playing and give them another egg hunt. These eggs contain Ariel stickers and small chocolate eggs. I really didn't give her much candy since she is still young and I can get away with little sweets. In Ellie's basket I put the book, I Had a Favorite Dress, bubbles, a mermaid cup, Ariel dress-up shoes, Peeps, and princess candy. In Summer's basket I put a hooded beach wrap and reversible beach hat both from Pottery Barn Kids. I also added the book, The Crown on Your Head, which I love! I will probably get a separate copy for Ellie, too. I love Nancy Tillman's books. She also got a little toy. I think they will love them!
We have lunch at my in-laws tomorrow afternoon and dinner at my parents. I plan to run in the morning. I have to get in a long run since my 10 mile race is just in a few more weeks. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We are finally all better. What a crazy sickness the girls and I had for the past 2-3 weeks. I finally have gotten rid of my cough, but in the process I pulled a rib muscle. Great timing....this set me back even more with my training. I haven't run in three weeks now. Well, maybe once or twice a week while I was refereeing lacrosse. I am signed up for a 10k this Sunday. We'll see how that goes! :) It is the Donor Dash in Philadelphia. My family and I walk the 3k in honor of my cousin, Alex, who died December 6, 2006. His organs were donated and it's a way we can all come together in his memory. It's a very special day. This is the first year I am also doing the run prior to the walk. As much as I will not be in the shape I had planned to be, I am still looking forward to the run.

Celebrating this handsome guy:
 Ellie and I last year at the Dash, 39 weeks pregnant!
The past couple weeks I've been focusing on getting myself better = early bedtime. I was also just trying to get through the days hoping we would feel better the next. I finally have my full energy back and can finally get things done around the house (and also blog again) just in time for Ellie's birthday on Saturday. I will give you a party recap on Monday. On Friday I am taking her to see the Pinkalicious musical in the city. It is our gift to her. We are keeping with the tradition of doing something together for birthday gifts. Last year we took her to the Aquarium. She will love the musical, I think. Also, because it will be a special date (my mother-in-law will be with Summer).

Saturday Nick has to go to a workshop in the morning so I am taking Ellie to get our nails painted. Her first time by a professional so I know she will feel special. I want to have everything ready for the party so we can spend the day together since Saturday is her birthday. The party isn't until 3- I am hoping she will nap. It will be a small party with immediate family and a few close friends. I have been checking the weather all week and initially they called for rain, but now it looks like 68 degrees and sunny!

Here are a few pictures of the girls and I taking advantage of the weather last week in our backyard with bubbles, of course!

On Ellie: Gap top / Gap leggings / See Kai Run sneakers
On Summer: Gap onesie / Macy's jeggings / Juicy Couture socks

I love this picture above of Summer and the bubble. I love this onesie by baby Gap. Very fitting for her name. Let's hope the sunshine is here to stay!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rough Week!

The girls and I are on the mend of a rough week and a half of sicknesses. Ellie was the first to get sick with an awful cough, then fever starting last Monday through Thursday. She only wanted to be held by me primarily and wasn't interested in playing. It was tough since I also had to care for Summer. Wednesday I had very painful swollen glands so I went to the Doctor's who said it was viral. Thursday Summer and I also developed the same awful cough Ellie had. On top of my swollen glands I was really sick and had no voice. Sleeping was another issue. Ellie only wanted to sleep with me, but we were both up coughing plus I had to get up with Summer to nurse through the night. We took the girls to the Doctor's and Ellie has strep throat and a double ear infection. Poor girl! Luckily Summer just has a cough and hopefully it won't develop into anything else. Saturday night I went to our local med clinic afraid I may also have strep, but the Doctor said it was bronchitis. That explained my cough and lack of voice. We didn't do much this weekend. I slept when I could and I've gotten some energy back. The girls are back to playing and acting more like themselves. It's so sad to see them not feeling well. Lots of extra snuggling and napping!
It's so tough being sick as a Mom. The littlest things like wanting to read the girls a book or tell Ellie a story at bedtime I couldn't do. I needed the energy to take care of the girls and play with them, but luckily my husband really stepped up and helped out a lot this weekend so I could recover. I also haven't been able to run in over a week- something I'm nervous about with my race in May. I'm planning on a short run this morning even though I still am fighting this cough.

Last Monday before I knew Ellie had a fever I took the girls to Target for a few things. We bought an adorable plastic mason jar for only $3 (bpa-free) and perfect for smoothies. Yes, that was a fun discovery, but what was even more exciting was that we met Charles Barkley! When I first noticed him I texted my husband to tell him. He told me to get a picture, but I didn't see anyone else asking him and I didn't want to bother him, but I did and he was so friendly. When I asked if he could take a picture with my girls, he said, "Sure!" Summer was sitting in the front of the cart and Ellie in the big part. He lifted Ellie up to take a picture with him and you can see Summer staring up at him. As I was taking the picture I was trying to get Ellie to smile and told him that she was so lucky because he was a famous basketball player. He laughed when I said that. Such a nice guy! That was the highlight of our week. Oh, that and I upgraded to the iPhone 5s and love it!!
I have to add that throughout the week all my good friends asked if I needed anything, if they could bring me coffee, or if they could help out in any way. I'm so thankful to have these women in my life. My parents took Ellie for a few hours yesterday evening since Nick had to work. They took her to dinner and frozen yogurt, which really helped me out since I only had to worry about feeding Summer and could put her to bed before Ellie got home. My Mom also made me a pot of homemade veggie soup. It was just what I needed and was so thoughtful. Plus, it was delicious.
I can't believe today is April 1st. In just two weeks Ellie turns 3 so I am busy planning her party and Summer's, too. Summer turns 1 on May 5th and her party will be the on the 10th. It's tough planning two parties at once. I am trying to focus on just Ellie's for now with the exception of getting out Summer's invite. I also want to enjoy these last two weeks of Ellie as a two year-old!

Happy April 1st!

Friday, March 21, 2014

The Luscious List

1) Loving this open back top from American Eagle. And, it's only $30.
2) I'd love to try to make this for the girls for our backyard. It would be so fun even I would love to hang out in here!
3) I really need to figure something out for all our coats/shoes/hats, gloves, etc. It's been driving me crazy seeing all of it pile up on chairs in our front room (the room you directly walk into from the front door). We do not have a separate entryway (wish we did!!) so I need an alternative. I moved everything into our office and am planning to set up a bench and storage in there. I love this one from the Threshold line at Target:
Or, I may just go the Expedit route with lots of storage:
I like this drawer option, too, for smaller items that could get lost in a basket. Whatever can help us get out the door quicker makes me happy!
4) I'm addicted to the daily deal site, Jane. I've gotten some really great (inexpensive!) deals. I check it almost everyday because they do sell out of items. I ordered a pillow cover for only $12 a few weeks ago and it matches perfectly on the couch in our great room. The seller was just back on the site again last week so I ordered another so I will have a pair. She also has an Etsy shop you can check out here. This is a great price, especially when most pillow covers cost $40+. There were so many options it was hard to choose! Here were some of my choices. I chose "Sophie Steel."
5) Grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits and I came across this drink on Pinterest that looks so refreshing. Find the recipe here for this Grapefruit Mojito!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Mother's Day, 2013
I could not ask for a better Mom. She is my role model and my best friend. I admire her so much more now that I have kids. She is a pre-school teacher so she is always singing songs to my girls and reading books. She is a runner and is very active so her idea of hanging out with my girls is going to the playground or to the library. I love this about her. If I ask Ellie what she thinks Grandmom is doing it's either "at the gym" or "cooking." My Mom is also the best cook. My parents have us over often for Sunday night dinners. Nothing better than a home-cooked meal with family. Yep, she is the whole package. I am so lucky to be her daughter. She is always so kind and generous and sees the best in others. Thank you for always being there for me, for supporting me and giving me honest advice, and for being a wonderful Grandmother to my girls.