Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lamp Makeover

I have had these two lamps in our garage since we moved into our house:

I knew I wanted to keep them because they had been my grandmother's, but I didn't love the glass/gold combo. I found two lampshades a while back at Lowe's for only $3 each! I couldn't pass that deal up. My husband spray painted them for me this past weekend (I won't be doing any of that since it's toxic to the baby). I wasn't sure if they needed to be primed and I've heard different things so we did just in case. I used a gray primer and white gloss spray paint. One coat of each.

I love the outcome! They go perfectly in our bedroom (we currently only have the light on our ceiling fan), especially since they are large in size and we have a tall headboard.

I just bought this mirror yesterday for a steal of only $13. I was hoping it would fit over our headboard. This is what it looks like (in packaging):

And, one more final look of the new lamp with a corner view of our bedroom: light gray walls, gray curtains, black furniture. I still need to finish styling my bedside table and my husband needs a new table, which is why his side is not even pictured. I'm not sure I love the mirror above the bed, but it could be a temporary fix. I love this one more, which is in our front room. It's much more dramatic.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Birthdays

February is a busy birthday month for my family. My husband's is the 22nd, my Dad's is the 23rd, and my sister-in-law's is the 25th. My Dad turned the big 60 this month! My Dad is such an inspiration. He works hard, but also takes time to enjoy his family and his passions. He loves to golf, but recently also started playing poker as a hobby. He and my Mom also enjoy the opera, movies, and Broadway. My siblings and I gave him and my Mom a weekend in New York City for their birthdays with Broadway, dinner, and hotel included. We also celebrated with dinner in the city Saturday night and Sunday we had dinner at my parents to celebrate all three birthdays. My sister-in-law, Katie, and I have become much closer since I've had Ellie and she has been a great friend to me and a great Aunt to Ellie!

Here is a picture of my Dad and I from my wedding day:

 And, another from this weekend with his grandchildren (minus one):

My husband and I celebrated his birthday with dinner in the city Friday night at El Vez, a Stephen Starr restaurant. My hubby loves Mexican and we both love Stephen Starr so this was perfect. It was nice to have a date night, especially after a long week of him and Ellie being sick. If you live in Philadelphia you must try this place. I've been there before with friends (and when I wasn't pregnant) and their drinks are yummy, too. We shared black bean nachos and split tortilla soup (with chunks of avocado) to start and he had pulled pork tacos and I had the mahi mahi tacos, which were delicious. After dinner we went across the street and sampled gelato (too full to eat dessert) and I enjoyed a cappuccino while discussing baby names. Ellie adores her Daddy and I know baby girl #2 will adore him just as much, too. They are lucky little girls! And, I am one lucky wife as I am married to my best friend of ten years! I am so grateful to have a husband who is caring, supportive, is a great father, likes to clean!, and works hard to allow me to stay at home. It was a much needed night out with my hubby and a fun-filled and family-filled weekend!

Happy Birthday Dad, Nick, and Katie!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Large Art

I am looking for a large vertical piece of art for our great room. I am inspired by this photo:

And, this one (posted here):

I don't have the budget to spend a lot of money so I've been looking on Etsy and at Home Goods. I am looking for either a print to put in a large Ikea frame or art on canvas. I like how one piece of art can have such a big impact on a space.

I mentioned the top one previously here, and I also like the one beneath it (both Michelle Armas), but they are small prints (only 13x13).
Hadrian Print, via
Payton Print, via
These two below are available in various sizes:
I'm hoping to find one soon so I can cross it off my list before baby comes!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Spring Items I'm Loving

While Ellie and Nick are still sick I've been able to get an hour to myself either during the day or after bedtime to de-stress. Yesterday my mother in law came over for an hour while I did a few necessary errands and I made a quick stop at Pier 1 to browse. Today my Mom took Ellie for an hour for a much needed break in which I treated myself to a manicure. Ellie still isn't herself and still only wants to be held. I think I'll be calling the Doctor again tomorrow if she hasn't shown any improvement. Anyway, there are a few items I am loving that are reminding me that spring is almost here, which also means these sicknesses will soon pass!

I saw these at Pier 1 last night and am loving the pattern!

Cloth napkins
Reversible placemat (other side is the napkin print above)
This bedding from Pottery Barn is so bright and cheery. I could see it in a girls bedroom or guest room.  

Bethany Paisley Quilt and Sham
I had to add this squirrel doormat because Ellie would love it. She loves watching the squirrels chase each other in our backyard. She gets a kick out of it. It is a pretty cool (and unexpected) front mat and I love the turquoise squirrels.

World Market
This floral fork and trowel actually makes me want to work in my garden. Usually my Mom will come work her magic in our garden (she is amazing), but with these pretty tools I would do some of the gardening myself this year. These tools would also make a nice housewarming gift!

Lastly, I have been lusting over these vase sconces for a while now from Etsy. I love fresh flowers in the house and these are a just another pretty way to display them from my garden.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I've been taking care of two sick kids- my husband and my daughter. My husband has the flu (even with the flu shot) and Ellie has had a cold since Friday morning, which turned into a double ear infection. She hasn't been herself since Thursday and really only wants to be with me (held by me). I can't complain because I love how snugly she is, but on the other hand I can't get much done unless I'm holding her and it's not easy being 30 weeks pregnant! I know she still not herself when she doesn't want to read any books before nap or bed and just wants me to sing to her in the crib. She also hasn't been napping much- 20 minutes at the most. Enough for me to recharge with some quiet time. I'm hoping she'll be better by the end of the week. It's my husband's birthday on Friday and we have dinner reservations in the city that night so I'm hoping he will both be better, too!

My "to do" of the week is to hang pictures in the playroom and I'll post pictures once completed. I'd like to do it tonight, but the couch and relaxation might win this one! Here are a few photos of our last five days:
The only place she wants to be (I love it!!)
Being a trooper at Whole Foods with Mommy
via Instagram

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Ellie started the day off with a strawberry heart for breakfast. We had swimming today as we do every Thursday and after her nap we made Valentine crafts. Lots of painting! I cut an apple in half and shaped it to look like a heart and we dipped it in red paint. Ellie also dipped a sponge-shaped heart in pink paint and used her paint brushes to create masterpieces on cut-out paper hearts. One for each of her grandparents, one for Daddy, and one to hang on the fridge. My parents stopped over to give Ellie a card and a chocolate heart (a small piece for dessert). Luckily, Ellie was tired after playing outside on her new slide so she went to sleep an hour early. My husband and I were able to enjoy a quiet dinner. He cooked my favorites- steak and lobster tail. Amazing!! Of course he took a photo, but we didn't get one of dessert. It was too delicious to stop and take a picture. A cookies and cream brownie from Whole Foods. They have the best desserts in their bakery. My hubby also listened and bought me a dozen pink roses this year instead of red. I've always have preferred pink to red. So pretty! It was a great day with my two Valentine's! Pretty soon we'll have one more to love!

Here are pictures from our day:

Valentine's Day, 2013

You can read about our first Valentine's Day as a family here!

A Quote for Today

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Pretty Girls Bedroom

I love this pretty girly bedroom from Liz Caroll Interiors. It's such a fun room to sleep and play in with a lot of vibrant colors, patterns, and accessories.


I love the patterned curtains (both on the windows and in the pretend stage) and the striped ceiling. I like that the designer kept the furniture neutral (I love the white) and used bold accessories. I love the matching pair of branched lamps, the pendant chandelier, and the gold mirror over the bed. I also love the details in the room- the turquoise knobs on the side tables, the step stool (very clever idea!), the pink painted back of the tall bookcase, and the "dress up" station. It's the perfect space for a little girl!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Bits of My Week

It's Friday! Another week has passed and I'll be 29 weeks this weekend. These weeks are flying by- literally. Ellie keeps me busy every day and I love every second with her. We have play group Mondays and Tuesdays (she is in two different ones), Wednesdays are excursion days, Thursdays she has been in swimming class, and Fridays are usually play dates with friends. We also will meet with friends some days in the later afternoon after her nap.

Ellie is quite the talker. She has been saying more phrases instead of just one words. She has been repeating everything I say. Her new word she started today, which is loves saying is "wawer, " or "water." She also loves saying, "wash" when I'm doing the wash or we wash our hands. The other day she said, "one more," as in "one more time on the slide, Mommy!" She can count to five and loves the number 2. She gets very excited when she has two of something. She knows her colors, and blue and purple are her favorites. She loves coloring and holds the crayon very precisely and is very focused when she draws, colors, and paints. She has always had a good throw (since she was a baby!) and is complimented all the time when she throws a ball, but she also has a good foot. She loves kicking the ball. Our little athlete!! She loves swimming and I call her "my little fish." She is fearless. After class we play on the mini water slide, which she does all by herself. I sit at the bottom to catch her. She will lay in my arms and kick her legs and pull her arms. She still loves playing with her baby dolls and loves to change their diapers, "bocks" (blocks), "house," and cooking at her play kitchen. Just this month she started calling me "mommy" (or, "mommeee") in addition to "mama." It's so cute.

I can't believe she will be 22 months on Tuesday and just two more months until not only she turns 2, but also just 2 (plus some) more months of having just one baby. But, I must say she is excited to have a baby sister. We read the book, I'm a Big Sister, almost every day. It's the "baby" book and the big sister's name in the book is Ellie so it's perfect! As I'm reading she will say, "too," as in "I will help, too!" She loves feeling the baby kick. When I say, "Ellie, the baby is kicking" she immediately puts her hand on my bump to feel. She even shares her toys with the baby and waves and says, "hi" and gives her lots of hugs and kisses. It is the sweetest thing ever!

Here are a few recent photos of my beautiful daughter who amazes me everyday!

Coloring and patiently waiting for my glucose test

"Smile, Ellie!"
It's snowing!
 Ellie at 21 months

Interior Design Inspiration

I am loving this home. I love the gray neutral walls with the dark hardwood floors. The sliding barn doors are what first caught my eye when I saw this home. I love the idea of replacing french doors or adding the barn doors to an open doorway. The first floor is very open and spacious. I love the pendant lighting and the bold, black banister up the stairwell. I love the use of turquoise, red, and yellow as accent colors throughout the home. The home is a mix of modern and traditional and you can see the builders chose it for the exterior of the house, too, with the addition of stone.

All images via

These were my favorites, but you can see a lot more photos of the home here.