Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day Fun!

Ellie started the day off with a strawberry heart for breakfast. We had swimming today as we do every Thursday and after her nap we made Valentine crafts. Lots of painting! I cut an apple in half and shaped it to look like a heart and we dipped it in red paint. Ellie also dipped a sponge-shaped heart in pink paint and used her paint brushes to create masterpieces on cut-out paper hearts. One for each of her grandparents, one for Daddy, and one to hang on the fridge. My parents stopped over to give Ellie a card and a chocolate heart (a small piece for dessert). Luckily, Ellie was tired after playing outside on her new slide so she went to sleep an hour early. My husband and I were able to enjoy a quiet dinner. He cooked my favorites- steak and lobster tail. Amazing!! Of course he took a photo, but we didn't get one of dessert. It was too delicious to stop and take a picture. A cookies and cream brownie from Whole Foods. They have the best desserts in their bakery. My hubby also listened and bought me a dozen pink roses this year instead of red. I've always have preferred pink to red. So pretty! It was a great day with my two Valentine's! Pretty soon we'll have one more to love!

Here are pictures from our day:

Valentine's Day, 2013

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