Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Paint Swatches & Closet Inspiration

A couple weekends ago I mentioned I stopped at Benjamin Moore for paint swatches. My plan is to paint the inside of the nursery closet. I also plan to remove the white wire shelves, which is currently holding most of my hubby's clothes and do something that works better for our baby. I'm thinking definitely a closet pole and some more contained shelving. It is a big space so she really doesn't need a dresser- just somewhere I can change her (so either a dresser or changing table). I'm leaning towards "Gray Cloud," a very light gray (3rd from left, top row). What has really helped me with choosing paint colors is to buy a few of the same sample, cut the color, and tape the back so I get more of the color instead of a small square. I've chosen a lot of paint and have always used this trick and it really helps! It's also great that I don't feel the need to buy the sample paint and get out the brushes and make more work for myself.

If you follow me on Instagram (my profile is private so just request me) you have seen this photo and I think it does more justice with lighting. "Gray Cloud" really is a light gray:

Here are a few photos of my closet inspiration:

The Creativity Exchange
Project Nursery
Project Nursery
Project Nursery
I love the wallpapered and painted closets. I wish I had painted Ellie's closet, too. That will probably be a future project. I love opening her closet door to see all of her pretty clothes so why not extend the decorating into the closet? Baby clothes are small so you can get away with more hanging poles and more organization in a smaller space. Shelves are always great, too, as you can store burp clothes, blankets, socks, etc in baskets. I also love the space for shoes. Baby and toddler shoes are adorable and I love being able to see them. I recently saw this shoe organizer, which I am loving.

I probably won't start the painting until the end of the month (when I'm only 2 months away from her due date). My hubby will have to find a new space for his clothes and I can first get done a few other projects on her to-do list.

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