Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lamp Makeover

I have had these two lamps in our garage since we moved into our house:

I knew I wanted to keep them because they had been my grandmother's, but I didn't love the glass/gold combo. I found two lampshades a while back at Lowe's for only $3 each! I couldn't pass that deal up. My husband spray painted them for me this past weekend (I won't be doing any of that since it's toxic to the baby). I wasn't sure if they needed to be primed and I've heard different things so we did just in case. I used a gray primer and white gloss spray paint. One coat of each.

I love the outcome! They go perfectly in our bedroom (we currently only have the light on our ceiling fan), especially since they are large in size and we have a tall headboard.

I just bought this mirror yesterday for a steal of only $13. I was hoping it would fit over our headboard. This is what it looks like (in packaging):

And, one more final look of the new lamp with a corner view of our bedroom: light gray walls, gray curtains, black furniture. I still need to finish styling my bedside table and my husband needs a new table, which is why his side is not even pictured. I'm not sure I love the mirror above the bed, but it could be a temporary fix. I love this one more, which is in our front room. It's much more dramatic.

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