Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Glimpse into My Busy Life

As much as I enjoy coaching it's been a very busy few months. Since the middle of August (pre-season) I've been coaching High School girls field hockey. It's been fun, but also very time consuming. Here is a glimpse of what a typical day has been like these past few months:
7:30 Ellie woke up, morning ritual (changing, eating, etc). Play with toys.
9:30 Playdate at Clay's house! Ellie played with toys and watched the other kids while Mommy enjoyed coffee, cookies, and friendship.
11:00 Home: read books, Ellie napped (11:15-12:45). During her nap I did wash and caught up on emails. Getting on the computer during the day is rare so this was nice!
1:00-2:00 We took a walk around the neighborhood & I caught up with my best friend on the phone, Lauren- due with her baby girl 11/16!

2:00 Home, Ellie played with toys independently while I got ready for practice.
2:30 Babysitter comes (Mom-Mom)
3:00-5:00 Practice
5:15 Welcomed home with smiles and open arms from Ellie (love this!). Mom-Mom leaves and we turn on the music and I begin dinner. Tonight was stir-fry: Kashi 7 grain pilaf (recommend this- healthy & filling) with broccoli and salmon. Ellie sits in her Bumbo, plays, and watches me cook. I also made her cereal while cooking my dinner (hubby is working late). We ate dinner together. Again, another night of loving her food. Lots of smiles!
6:30 After I cleaned up Ellie got a bath and we began her nighttime ritual: read books, nurse, sing songs while rocking. Ellie was asleep around 7:30 tonight. Because she is teething she will wake up a few times before midnight, then usually sleeps from 12 to anytime between 6-8.
8:00 I check email, clean the house (Ellie's toys, finish wash, vacuum if needed), then usually unwind and relax on the couch for a dvr'd show before bed. Love my mindless entertainment: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Gossip Girl (love this show), Kendra, and my most recently favorite show- Revenge. I'm off now to watch last night's episode!

Next week will be my first week back to our normal schedule. My field hockey season ends tomorrow and I am looking forward to spending my afternoons with Ellie again. I look forward to day trips without having to be home for practice or games. I also have lots of house projects to do that have been untouched since the summer. More on that to come!

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