Monday, October 31, 2011

Ellie's 1st Halloween!

We've been celebrating Ellie's 1st Halloween since the 22nd when my in-laws had a pumpkin carving party. The following Monday my husband took off work so we could spend the day pumpkin picking as a family. Then, the next day was Ellie's Halloween playgroup date. Yesterday, the 30th, was her cousin's 4th birthday party. And, today is Halloween. Hope everyone had a fun-filled day!

Here are some photos of our celebrations:
Pumpkin Carving in Costume #1: Pretty Butterfly!
I carved the outline of Ellie's hands for the eyes and a heart for the mouth. I wanted to include Ellie in some way in our 1st pumpkin carving and was able to hold each hand on the pumpkin long enough to quickly trace the outline of her tiny hands:
Pumpkin Picking in her pumpkin outfit!

Ellie's 1st Halloween! Cutest Elephant Ever!
 I bought this leopard mask at Michael's for only $1. I had to have it!

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