Tuesday, March 9, 2010

DIY Vanity

When my parents were emptying their storage rental I re-discovered my desk I had used in college 7 years ago. It was from IKEA and if you've ever owned a piece of furniture from IKEA you may know that it doesn't always hold up too long. But, 7 years later my desk was in pretty good shape. I took it home with me and it sat in our garage for a few months before I decided to make into a vanity. I was excited to get started on a creative & inexpensive project.
I went to our local paint store and they were very helpful in instructing me which paint would work best for particle board. I bought a latex low-lustre paint (water-based) in white. 2 coats were all it needed to look like new. When I put together the desk in college I accidentally nailed the wrong side to the back of the desk. To cover the back and to make it look pretty I used wrapping paper from Target. I fell in love with the pattern and bought 1 roll for $4.99. I thought the colors would look great in my pink dressing room. I used double-sided tape to glue the paper onto the board. I measured each section, then cut the paper according to size.
The total cost of the project cost me $25: $14 paint, $6 paintbrush, $5 wrapping paper. I already owned double-sided tape.
My husband was so impressed with my project. He didn't realize I could be so creative. :)

Original desk:
  Finished product (in my pink dressing room):
                                Close-up photo of wrapping paper:

Crystal mirror: TJ Maxx $15
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