Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Buying Wallpaper Just Got Cheaper (Think 20% Coupons)

My friend just posted on my Facebook wall that she was on Bed, Bath, & Beyond's website and they have a new wallpaper section. I'm so excited because, as you may know, Bed, Bath, & Beyond = 20% off coupons. Those coupons are so precious (they are even sold on Ebay) and lately they seem scarce. Maybe I just used my stash and now I need to build it back up again! 

They have an awesome selection of classic & contemporary patterns, and I love the designer, Graham & Brown. I love his textured paper that can also be painted. It could be used for wainscoting, too.
Let me know if you have decided to use wallpaper in your home, and which design you choose. Also, please read below for another post on my wallpaper "obsession."

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  1. Emily - this is great! Can you use the Bed Bath & Beyond coupons online as well?