Monday, January 24, 2011

Fabric Shopping

This weekend my main goal was to shop for possible fabric selections for curtains in the nursery. I looked at various sites online, but found them to be super expensive. Jo Ann Fabrics was having a sale (40-50% off) so I found the nearest location and spent over an hour looking at the many different patterns and colors. I've actually never been to a Jo Ann Fabrics store before and was pleasantly surprised by the number of patterns I liked. Although I did not take advantage of the sale, I did find out they have fabric sales about once/month, which is good to know. I got a bunch of fabric samples mostly for the nursery, but found 2 possible patterns for the office, as well.

I was looking at blues and purples for the nursery & greens for the office. My inspiration for the office are the 2 pillows on our daybed (pictures to follow). The nursery fabric I was inspired from the bedding. I decided I'd rather not go with white curtains since the crib and dresser and trim are all white. I want the nursery to be fun and colorful (thinking blues, hot pinks, and purple).

Again, here is the bedding:
 And, with the new crib:
The fabric swatches:
Below are the ones I am leaning towards, and after showing my husband we narrowed it down to the 2 darker blues.
The fabric selections for the office:
I love the tropical print of the flowers and the green and light blue would pick up the colors from the pillows. But, I also love the fun zebra print in an unexpected green!

I also need to go to Bed, Bath, & Beyond to pick up curtain clips and I already have the iron on adhesive to (easily) make my own curtains.

I plan to wait till after my baby shower (late February) to buy the fabric because I want to be 100% sure of the pattern once the nursery is completed and the bedding is set up in the crib. I will post updates if I find other possible fabrics and with the final decision.

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