Monday, September 16, 2013

My Birthday

On Saturday I celebrated my 34th birthday. Wow, 34 (this is not only my response, but my Dad's and grandmother's). How did that happen? I still feel like I'm in my 20s. But, somehow I'm ten years older. Life keeps getting better. And, there's that quote, "the best is yet to come." I feel like the "best" keeps happening. I became an aunt, I got married, I had children of my own, my family is healthy. I look forward to what the years will bring, but I am enjoying day by day. The one thing I learned quickly with having two children is that time flies. How is Summer already four months? I was sad (literally) to see the summer come to an end. It went by too quick. So, I really am enjoying each day, each minute. The girls keep me busy and by most evenings I am exhausted and I get up each morning and do it all over again. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I am one lucky mommy to be able to be home with my girls and watch them learn and discover new things every day. Whether it's a funny conversation with Ellie or Summer's first roll. I know being a stay at home mom isn't for everyone, but I love it.

Saturday morning I was welcomed with a big hug and kiss from Ellie for "mommy's happy day!" I received (more) pink roses from my hubby (he's been on a roll lately and I'm not complaining). I enjoyed a spa pedicure (love the extra massage) and chose a darker color for fall. We went to my favorite place, Morris Auboredum, in the afternoon. We picked up a cupcake on the way. Ellie could not wait to have a bite of that cupcake. And, she savored every bite, every lick of icing. You can tell we don't have sweets very often. I really just enjoyed our family time and took in every smile, every giggle, every bout of excitement from my girls. Ellie loves to run (even in boots) and has so much energy. Summer loves watching her. And I love watching both of them. And, we captured a lot of these moments on camera:

My husband took this picture in astonishment that I was carrying both girls (Summer in the Ergo and Ellie on my hip)
Outfits of the Day:
Me: Gap skinny jeans, Banana Republic top, Steve Madden sandals
Ellie: Matilda Jane top, Target jeggings, Nordstrom boots
Summer: Gap jean skirt, Gap tank, Stuart Weitzman shoes

And, to complete the night my husband and I had date night at one of my favorite sushi restaurants while my parents babysat the girls. Sunday evening my parents cooked me a delicious birthday dinner with the rest of the family.

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