Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Recap + Spring Favorites

I did get my run in yesterday afternoon even though I would much rather have taken a nap. I was so tired even as I ran, but I did my 3.5 mile loop. Glad I got it done! We went to my in-laws first to see family and the girls did a little egg hunt in their house. Then, we went to my parents for dinner and an egg hunt with their cousins. My brother put out a ton of eggs all over my parents backyard. The kids had a blast filling their bags. Just like every other kid my girls were a little crazy yesterday with a sugar high. They don't normally eat sweets so their little bodies weren't used to it. But, it was a special occasion!

We took some photos before heading out yesterday:
Love these Matilda Jane dresses the girls are wearing. They are both from the newest collection, as well as Summer's socks (sold out). I just love the polka dots and ruffles! 

Ellie's dresssandals
Summer's dress / shoes
Nick's shirt / jeans
 My top (Express, but not online) / jeans 

My husband and I were laughing about my arm in this picture. My mommy arms plus boxing and TRX! I desperately need my hair colored. I can't wait for my appointment in a couple weeks!

I was just telling my husband I need a spring jacket. Here are my two contenders:

40% off plus free shipping with code "SHIP40"

I also like this one
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I'm also loving these for spring:

I used to wear these all the time when I was a kid and in High School. I love that they are coming back into style! I am considering ordering the grey or white. They are men's sizes so it is recommended you size down.

I went to the Clarins counter last week looking for a new cleanser. The sales woman raved about this product so I am giving it a try and I really like it so far.

Have a great Monday!

** Affiliate links are included in this post. All are items I love!

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