Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

I had to get a few pictures of the girls with these gorgeous pink trees in the front of our house. I lifted them up and put them in the tree for a mini photo shoot. I didn't get a great one of Summer so I'll have to do this again before the buds change color.

I'm loving this top I'm wearing. I love the navy stripes and it's linen.
Top / Ellie's dress

Last Sunday wasn't just the first day of spring, but also my Mom's birthday. We went to dinner at my parents night where my Mom cooked her annual Irish dinner for all of us. I got her one of these water bottles that I love. I have this one and use it all the time. It will be perfect on hot days this summer. They are expensive for a bottle, but so worth it. I also got one for my best friend's birthday.

S'well Bottle

This is a less expensive version of above and it's the same line sold at Target
S'ip by S'well Bottle


Fringe Sandals

Love these two bags for the summer.

I like these shoes for playground trips with the girls.

These are my favorite shoes for kids and great for the playground in warm weather because they are so breathable. I bought the aqua for Ellie and pink for Summer this year.

Ellie says, "Look, Mommy! A flamingo! Your favorite!"
Haha, she knows me well!

I'm thinking of trying this since I've been getting a few dry patches on my face lately. It's gotten positive reviews.

Love so many things in this new line for kids! I bought the unicorn head to replace the tissue tassel garland in Summer's room.

A couple weekends ago my parents took Ellie and her cousins to see Zootopia. Summer felt left out so I decided to take her, too, knowing that she wouldn't last the entire movie so I could leave early with her. She was so excited for the movie and sat through and hour before declaring she was ready to go bye bye. It was such a cute movie and I want to see the rest of it when it comes to On Demand. 

I'm happy to say that Summer is fully potty trained during the day. She is still in a diaper at nighttime since she isn't waking up dry and she is still in the crib. I can't believe how quickly she picked up the potty training and rarely has an accident. She even goes on the big toilets, which is so convenient. We are very proud of her!

Today and girls and I are hanging out with my Mom and their cousins and I want to go to the mall to try to find a new dress or skirt to wear on Sunday. I'll have the girls with me so it could go really well or the complete opposite. Hoping they are well behaved!

Have a great weekend!

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