Friday, March 4, 2016

Friday Favorites

We are in the middle of potty training bootcamp with Summer. Actually, after yesterday I could say that I think she potty trained in one day. She had one accident early yesterday morning before figuring out that she could hold it and when she needed to go. From that point on, as I reminded her to "tell Mommy if you have to go pee pee or poopie!" she went every single time in her potty. Poop was a little harder to do the first time. I realized she was trying to go and we took a bath to help relax her, then about a half hour later she went. Sorry if this is TMI, but it's typical in motherhood! Then, last night when we were all upstairs getting ready for bed she went into the bathroom and went potty (pee) all by herself. She came and got me and showed me. We were all so excited and so proud of her.  I tried potty training her about 10 months ago and it backfired so I put her back in to diapers. She wasn't able to communicate at that time and that was the biggest issue. Now she tells me when she has to go. I wanted to get her trained before the warm weather and before summer time (so no swim diapers). 

Summer and I were alone yesterday. My mother in law took Ellie to gymnastics in the morning and out the rest of the day. Summer and I painted, did Easter crafts, colored Barbie in a coloring book, read a ton of books, played with Magna tiles and dollhouse. It was a fun, but exhausting day! I let her go on the iPad later in the afternoon and I browsed online so we each got a break! Here are my current favorites:

I am into this new decor trend of wall hangings.

I really want to try this!

We are all about Easter crafts at the moment and these look so fun!

I also bought all the supplies to make this dining table centerpiece again this year. So festive!
You can see last year's Easter crafts here, too. 

Toms (for the kids)

I'm looking forward to going out with friends tonight for St. Patty's Day after two days of staying inside for potty training. Have a great weekend!

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