Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Workout Attire

Workout Attire

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These are my favorite items for working out. I own all of them and repeatedly buy the same items in different colors. I just bought the neon yellow sports bra for non-cardio workouts. I swear by the Champion 360 sports bra for running, especially after having the girls and needing more support. I own the Under Amour tank in a bunch of different colors. I recently just bought it in neon pink (I must be into neon lately). My go-to running shoes are the Asics Kayano. Choosing the right sneakers is so important for running. These offer the stability and cushioning I need. After suffering from very bad shin splints and lower leg stress fractures in college I take my sneakers very seriously. And, these socks are the perfect combination of padding and breathability. Expensive, but worth it. Under Amour headbands are the only ones that don't slip. I have heard great things about Lululemon tights so I may invest in a pair soon. My main goal for choosing workout clothes and accessories is comfort (and to look good if we're being honest), but bright colors and cute pieces are my motivation to work out, too! Please tell me what else I am missing. I am always looking to try something new (except for my shoes, of course)!

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