Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Birthday Suitcase

There’s always a good reason to travel, but the best of all is a birthday, particularly when it’s your own. I love a good surprise party as much as the next birthday girl, but social etiquette kind of frowns on planning it for oneself. Instead, book a getaway that will leave you equally amazed. 
- Erika Thormahlen.

I received this excerpt through Tablet Hotels in a weekly email about traveling. It just so happened to be sent a few days before my birthday. Not that I could afford (in time or money) to jet away on a fabulous vacation, but it sounds like a perfect way to treat yourself each year. And, I'd much rather book a getaway than have a surprise party. But, that's just me! Even better? Bring those friends with you!

My top vacation spots to visit (one day):
1. Greek Islands
2. Fuji: in a hut on the water!
3. San Francisco's Sonoma Valley
4. Costa Rica
5. Australia

Read the rest of this writer's travel ritual called "The Birthday Suitcase" here.

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