Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm One Lucky Mommy!

I had such a wonderful Mommy's Day. Last year Ellie was just 1 month old. Amazing how time flies. It's been the best year of my life. I love being a Mom- more than I ever could have imagined. I am so lucky to be the mommy to such a beautiful little girl. I cannot get enough of her!

This morning we had brunch at my aunt's house. We spent the day in her beautiful backyard since the weather was gorgeous. I was surrounded by family and it was such a great day. Here are a few photos:


Ellie will be taking her first step any day now! She started walking with our hands the beginning of May. Now she is walking around furniture like a pro. She has always been very vocal. She has added the words "up" and "uh" for "uh oh" to her vocabulary. She loves playing the game where she drops something on purpose and says, "uh!" Too cute! She also loves playing hide 'n seek with us. She will hide behind her crib or in a closet and wait for us to find her. The toys she loves most at the moment are musical instruments, her new dollhouse, the water table (she loves playing with water) her bike (that we push), and her baby dolls. Her favorite books are currently "Goodnight Moon" and "On The Night You Were Born." Two classics!

I also have to add that I've had so much fun dressing her. She is very lucky to have aunts and grandmoms who like to shop for her, too! This particular dress I bought is by Tea Collection (Nordstrom Rack). I love accessorizing her outfits with her adorable ponytails!

I am also very grateful to have two amazing Moms in my life- my Mom and my Mother-in-Law. I am very lucky to have such a wonderful relationship with both. My Mom has been the most amazing mother to me and I look to her as my role model. If I am half the mom to Ellie as my mom is to me then Ellie will be one lucky girl!

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