Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Summer Family Vacation

Last week we went on a family vacation to Palm Beach County, Florida. It was also Ellie's first plane ride (at only 14 months old)! She was a perfect little girl on the plane. She was on my lap for the two hour flight and napped for half of it both ways. The remainder of the time she read books and looked out the window. It was a positive experience. All we brought (in terms of baby equipment) was her stroller, which we were able to bring up to boarding the plane. So convenient. We rented everything else: pack 'n play, high chair, and a box fan (we need our white noise).

We vacationed with friends of ours- a couple and their two daughters (ages 5 and 7). We spent most of our days either at the pool or the beach. Ellie is such a water baby! She went swimming in the ocean with us for the first time and loved it! During her morning naps (Nick napped, too) I went to the condo's pool. I relaxed and it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I read my first book since pregnancy. I layed out and enjoyed the sunny weather. I savored it. I realized I need to do this more often. Read more often. It's something I love to do, but never make the time to do it. In the evenings we went out to dinner. Ellie's new favorite thing is to push the stroller. She doesn't want to sit in it. It's so cute. We also discovered the world of frozen yogurt and became obsessed. And, lucky us- U-Swirl just opened in my hometown so we can enjoy it at home now too! :)

Here are some photos from our trip:

Palm Trees- my favorite!!

Ellie loved the sand and ocean!
Daddy and his princess
I can't stand how cute she is. I am obsessed with her pig tails!

Relaxing while Ellie and Nick play in the pool

I highly recommend this book- a great beach read!
One of my favorite pictures! Ellie getting excited about a big wave!

Last day at the pool!
It was a great vacation and a wonderful start to the summer!

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