Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Second Family Vacation

Last week we were on our second vacation of the summer at the shore (Jersey shore). Every summer my family (parents, sister, brother and sister in law and their two kids) rent a house for the week of 4th of July. It's in the same place every year with the beach across the street and the bay behind us. It's so convenient with the beach just a few steps away, especially with babies in tow.

I was really looking forward to seeing if Ellie enjoyed the sand. There wasn't enough beach in Florida for Ellie to play so this was going to be the big test. I can't say enough how much Ellie loved the beach- the ocean, the sand, everything! It was so fun watching her play. She had no fear of the ocean (I think it's good to have at least a little fear!) so we had to keep a close eye on her. She loved the waves crashing on her. We took plenty of video and pictures.

My husband and I made a great team. We would take turns running each morning, then brought Ellie to the playground before her morning nap. After nap she ate lunch and we went to the beach for a few hours. I would stay at the beach and read while Nick gave Ellie a bath. I would put her down for her afternoon nap. We went out a few nights for dinner and stayed in with our family for the others. It was so nice to spend quality time with my parents and siblings plus Ellie had a ton of fun playing everyday with her cousins! Ellie also went on her first boat ride on the bay with her Aunt Mia, Pop-Pop, Nick and I. I was able to go to my favorite antique store. I bought one item for just $3 and will post a picture when framed.

My most memorable experience from this trip was surfing. It has always been my dream to learn how to surf. For Father's Day this year my sister and I told my Dad that we would take a private surf lesson together during our vacation. Last minute we decided to cancel the private lesson and borrow surfboards from my brother's friend who was at the shore for the summer. So, we were on our own to teach ourselves, but it was a blast! I honestly did not think I could do it. I didn't think I had the arm strength to pull myself up on the board. Let me tell you that since having Ellie I've never been stronger (carrying her in my arms is an arm workout!). Surfing my first wave was exhilarating. It was an experience that is hard to describe in words. I really surprised myself and I was very proud of myself for working at it. At times it was kind of scary when a big wave was coming at me, then turning my back on it hoping it would carry me so I could stand up during the wave. I had to trust myself. I now want to buy my own surf board and make it a new hobby. I can officially say, "I can surf!" Woohoo! :)

Here are a few photos from our vacation:

Ellie LOVING the beach!
Our Family

Ellie dancing to the music at the Mexican restaurant
Not sure if it's possible to get a picture with Ellie without her hand down my shirt!
The beautiful sunset on the bay

Love this one!
At the amusement park!

Our beautiful little girl, 14 months old

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