Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wallpapering my "mom cave"

I want to call the small room off of the to-be playroom my "mom cave," but my husband was less than thrilled with that term. But, really- I'll be spending the majority of time down there so it should be more my space than his. I'm not sure he'll be spending much time in this space once it's finished. I mean there will be no TV (as much as he wants one down there) and girly wallpaper. Speaking of wallpaper I need to make decisions asap. I went to Lowe's today and checked out the Allen & Roth selections. I was initially going to wallpaper the bathroom, but it's a small half bath and my husband has bad memories of wallpapering his parents house so I figured I'd spare him that tough job and make it easier on him by just doing one wall in my "mom cave." I'm envisioning a metallic wallpaper with pops of red or yellow- two colors that aren't used in the rest of my house. Here were my favorites:

This is fuschia not red, but I couldn't pass it up being paired with mint green

I also loved these two and am thinking of a space to use them in...

A luxe metallic and textured silver wallpaper

We'll be painting next week so I want to order the wallpaper by the end of the week. I will keep you posted on the winner!

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