Friday, October 12, 2012

18 months!

My baby girl turns 18 months today! She is the light of our lives. She just started running and it's so cute how she puts her elbows in the air, she loves music and dancing (we still have dance parties every night), she just starting jumping (well, really she just bends her knees, puts her hands in the air, and propels forward...I don't think she gets in the air, but it's so cute anyway), she is very lovable- always kissing everyone goodbye and hugs me out of the blue, and she understands everything we say and ask her to do and repeats words we say every day. Her new word is "bye" and she loves saying "socks" and "shoes." She loves "socks" so much that whenever she has them in her hand or takes them off her feet she will yell out, "sooocckksss!" It is so funny and makes me laugh every time. Her current favorite thing to do is color with crayons. It's quite a masterpiece! She loves dogs, her favorite foods are pasta (anything with tomato sauce), peas, and berries. And, she loves going for walks in her "ra-ra" (her bike that she sits in and we push). I just started to keep her hair down with a clip in the side. She looks so much older than when she wears her pig tails. I love this look! I can't even describe the amount of love I have for her.

Here are a few current photos:

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