Thursday, August 30, 2012

Playroom Paint Colors

The basement has been painted and it looks AMAZING. I am in love with it and it's not even completely finished. We are getting the floor space measured next week and then will install it ourselves. Then, I can furnish and decorate. I can't wait to show you pictures of the space!

Here are the paint colors I chose:

Sherwin Williams "Stop"
Sherwin Williams "Gray Screen" (leftover from our bedroom)
Sherwin Williams "Splashy"
 Chalkboard wall:

Friday, August 17, 2012

Playroom Inspiration

I've been browsing Houzz to find inspiration for Ellie's playroom. There are some amazing rooms! Here are ones that I've pinned recently:

I love the chalkboard wall!

I love this reading nook. The hand painted tree is so pretty!
Amazing built-in storage and love the pop of red
Comfortable oversized plush benches

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Playroom Flooring

Yesterday the hubby and I went shopping for flooring for Ellie's playroom. We went to three stores and they all recommended carpet or vinyl flooring for our space and our budget. One option that may have been possible if it had not been $4-6/square foot is cork. Cork is exactly what it feels like- soft and sponge-like. Waterproof padding is added underneath to ensure moisture doesn't get into it. Not only is the price of cork higher than we were looking to spend, but it isn't something I could see us wanting for the space in the future. Once Ellie is older the space will most likely turn into a hang out room and I'm not sure cork would be as appealing then.

We are deciding between these 3 choices:
1) Carpet: I would go with a dark gray to hide stains (inevitable) and I like the color. Carpet would be comfortable to sit and play on for Ellie and her friends. However, I'm afraid that the chalk dust from the chalkboard wall would discolor the carpet, even with as much vacuuming as I do.

2) Vinyl hardwood: I like the darkness of this vinyl and the look of the hardwood. It would be extremely easy to clean and the chalk dust wouldn't be an issue.

3) Vinyl white and black checkers: My hubby and I both really liked this one and thought it was a cool and unexpected floor pattern. I could paint any color on the walls to make the floor really pop. However, I also don't want the floor to make the space look cluttered (with the toys that will be scattered) and, again, who knows if I will love this pattern in the future.

The best thing about the vinyl is that it is inexpensive and we can install it ourselves. One guy told us his 8-year old daughter could do it so surely we could too, right?! Although, we would need to add an area rug on the vinyl for Ellie to play on and that would be another added expense. Another great thing about the vinyl is that it is waterproof so spills and dust would be easy (and quick!) to clean up.

The carpet plus installation is double the price of the vinyl. This includes the stairs into the basement, which would look great and cohesive. If we went with the vinyl I would most likely paint the stairs (currently brown wood).

Options for an area rug:
  • Home Goods and other discounted home stores
  • Overstock (where I got my new favorite rug in our great room)
  • DIY painted foam mat (see here)
  • FLOR carpet tiles (wondering how padded and soft they are though)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


While browsing Pinterest I came across this bookcase that has been turned into a vignette. It reminded me that a simple white bookcase can be used to hold so much more than just books and vases. I am also lusting over the gold dotted wallpaper! I thought I'd share with you:

Here are a few other photos of the home:

I love the blue and green color theme throughout the home. The turquoise pendant lamp is gorgeous, as well as the emerald green back to back sofas.

Photos via The Lennox

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Wallpapering my "mom cave"

I want to call the small room off of the to-be playroom my "mom cave," but my husband was less than thrilled with that term. But, really- I'll be spending the majority of time down there so it should be more my space than his. I'm not sure he'll be spending much time in this space once it's finished. I mean there will be no TV (as much as he wants one down there) and girly wallpaper. Speaking of wallpaper I need to make decisions asap. I went to Lowe's today and checked out the Allen & Roth selections. I was initially going to wallpaper the bathroom, but it's a small half bath and my husband has bad memories of wallpapering his parents house so I figured I'd spare him that tough job and make it easier on him by just doing one wall in my "mom cave." I'm envisioning a metallic wallpaper with pops of red or yellow- two colors that aren't used in the rest of my house. Here were my favorites:

This is fuschia not red, but I couldn't pass it up being paired with mint green

I also loved these two and am thinking of a space to use them in...

A luxe metallic and textured silver wallpaper

We'll be painting next week so I want to order the wallpaper by the end of the week. I will keep you posted on the winner!