Sunday, March 22, 2015

Weekend Recap

Friday night we celebrated my Mom's birthday. We made it over to my parents through the 6 inches of snow we got that day! It is always a fun time hanging out with my family. All of the kids play so well together. Here is Summer eating her ice cream (she loves ice cream, and really who doesn't?!).

Saturday we had plans with Ellie's friend to see Cinderella, but it was sold out. So she and I went to an earlier show at another location. It was my first time taking her to the movies (she's been there with her grandparents). She even had to tell me to get a booster (I had no idea they even had them). We shared popcorn and saw the Frozen mini movie, which was great. Ellie loved that part the most, I think. She got a little bored at times throughout Cinderella and I can understand why, especially because it wasn't animated. On the other hand, I loved the movie. It definitely had me tearing up at times, too. At one point she was asking when "the ball was going to happen" so we ran out and got her a cup of Hershey kisses (she only had 4, which was more than I wanted her to have, but it kept her occupied). She sat on my lap for a lot of the movie and we snuggled. I love that!

Initially I was skeptical about taking her to see Cinderella since it wasn't animated, but also a lot of reviews I read said it wasn't for younger girls because of the parents dying, the "mean and ugly" name calling, but I thought it was totally fine. I really don't think Ellie even understood the parents were dying. I highly recommend it!

After the movie I dropped Ellie off at our house and went to the mall to do a few errands. The view outside was so beautiful with all of the snow on the trees.

I stopped in Williams Sonoma to pick up a couple things and their Easter table display was so pretty and colorful I couldn't help but take a picture! I love the pastel plates and napkins and all of the bunny table decor.

This morning I went to Whole Foods to do a big food shop. I bought the ingredients to make 3 dinners this week:
Tonight: Meatloaf, roasted potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms
and Pesto Pasta (for the girls primarily)
Monday: Shrimp, Chicken, and Sausage Gumbo (Skinny Taste Cookbook)
Wednesday: leftovers
Thursday: Cauliflower Chowder
Friday: Leftovers 

During Summer's nap this afternoon I was very productive. I reorganized the storage in our basement and went through the bins of the girls' clothing. I had started a bin of clothes from the girls' closets that were too small, but it was a mess and needed to be resized into new totes. I also made a couple bags of clothing that's not in great shape or won't be worn again (if we have another) to donate. Ellie and I also did arts and crafts, read books, and she played well by herself while I finished. 

The girls are sleeping now and I'm going to watch some basketball with my husband. I can't believe UVA lost! They were in my final 4. It's so much more exciting to watch when I'm doing a pool. 

And, two pictures from dinner last week. Love this one of me and the girls!
 And, I love their outfits. Ellie dressed herself from the boots to the flower head piece. Summer also picks out her outfits in the morning (I give her two choices). She is wearing those $1 cowgirl boots I bought her last winter at Old Navy (one of the best deals ever).

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