Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy National Coffee Day + New Coffee Subscription Box

Today, National Coffee Day, is the perfect day to introduce a new coffee concept to all the coffee lovers. Angels Cup was nice enough to send me four different kinds of coffee to try. The packages are small, but enough for approximately 4 cups of coffee and you can always order a larger bag. It is a fun tasting experience and gave me something to look forward on my Tuesday morning. 

I used my Keurig single reusable filters for this tasting so that I could make 4 individual cups instead of a large pot. Upon arrival of the coffee I stored each in the freezer for maximal freshness (a trick I learned from my Mom). I took them out this morning by random and wrote down a note for each of what I tasted. The first was definitely a light grape taste, the second I tasted chocolate, the third cup was hints of berry, and the last one I couldn't point to something specific, but it was the lightest roast in my opinion. My favorite brew was my fourth cup (#0215). The cheat sheet (included)  listed this one as flavors of coconut, cherry, pineapple and cashew. Looking at this before I started I did not think I would like this one since I don't like coconut or pineapple. So, that was a surprise. The packages only show the number so I had no idea which one I was tasting each time. My least favorite was #0214 (my second cup). Also surprising since it has hints of chocolate. I thought for sure I would enjoy that one. On a side note, I only put milk in my coffee. No creamer and no sugar. 

The company also has an app, "Angels Cup," in which you can compare your notes with others. You can also find them on Facebook. You can order on the website at Angels Cup, select your package and your brew (whole bean, coarse grind or fine grind) and how often you would like to receive the coffee. 

This would make a great gift with the Holidays coming up for a coffee lover or for someone who likes to try new things. I'm thinking it's also a great gift for a Secret Santa. I received the Black Box, which is $19.99. There is also the Cupping Flight for only $8.99 plus shipping. However, for one week you can save 25% with the code "LUSCIOUS2015." I highly recommend it if you love coffee and trying new brews or to give as a gift!


Disclaimer: Angels Cup gifted me this coffee box of four samples to try. However, all thoughts and opinions are mine.

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