Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Ellie has school this morning and Summer and I will be doing errands. After we pick up Ellie the three of us are going apple picking. We finally have an open afternoon and the weather will be perfect- in the 70s. This outing is on our fall checklist and I'll be bringing home a few apple cider donuts. Yum! I haven't blogged in a while (so much going on lately), but wanted to post what I am loving at the moment. 

I love this gold striped one. I recently just sent my sister this one in her (belated) birthday package. 

I went to Barre Tuesday night and wore this tank in the color "brilliant magenta." Love it!
Mesh Energize Tank

I received this fabric in the mail this week and plan on reupholstering our dining chairs this weekend. Our cream colored chairs have playdoh and red tomato sauce stains. I still want to buy non-upholstered chairs for the girls.

Perfect for this recipe I want to make next week!

I have this one in the yellow and love the fall colors (and I'm wearing it today).

I got these for Ellie last week for Christmas. They are the softest and warmest sheets. She has a set from two Christmases ago and they are still in good condition.

Last weekend I wanted the girls to nap (and I thought they would) so I told them I would meet them upstairs in a few minutes to read books. When I went into Ellie's room they had beat me to it and I saw this:
Ellie "reading" to Summer (and Snowy and Anna). So sweet!

We are supposed to have a photo session Sunday morning, but the weather is calling for showers. I'm hoping the weather changes or it rains later in the day. Tomorrow we will probably go see my nephews soccer games as we did last weekend, then Ellie has her soccer at noon. Afterwards, I'm planning on taking the girls to a pumpkin farm one last time. Since Summer doesn't nap anymore we have more time to do things. Sadly, Summer stopped taking naps a month ago or so. I wasn't strict with it this summer since I didn't want to be constricted to the house on a beautiful day, and instead, she went to bed early. I think she became used to that and she will have quiet time reading books or coloring, but it's still a long day for me! At least they go to bed fairly early (7pm). Have a great weekend!

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