Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Weekend Recap

It was Ellie's idea this year to be characters from the Disney Movie, Inside Out. Ellie chose Joy and she picked Disgust for Summer who called herself, "Yuck." I decided to be Sadness. My husband had to work that night. I ordered Ellie's "Joy" wig from Party City and made the rest of our costumes. I was surprised that Summer kept her wig on the whole night. Ellie said "trick or treat" and "thank you" at every house. Summer loved picking out the candy, but she assigned someone else to carry her bucket because it was too heavy. The girls didn't even last an entire block. They hit a wall and I carried Ellie the rest of the way home. Both my parents and my in laws came with us. When we got home they emptied their buckets (I remember I couldn't wait to do this after trick or treating when I was young). I allowed them to have one piece of candy, which turned into two, and Summer was very sneaky trying to eat more when I wasn't looking. We handed out our candy until I put the girls to bed. I asked Ellie her favorite part of the day and she replied, "handing out candy to trick or treaters!"

The night before we carved our pumpkin and the girls painted pumpkins and created faces using stickers.
(Forced smiles!)
We also created monster hand print art, which came out so cute! I want to frame these. Ellie painted my hands and I did one, too.
Here is a shot of our decorated front porch:
 Earlier that day we went to a kids Halloween bash:
 The girls and I the morning of:

Sunday morning we had a photography session at a nearby park. The weather was beautiful and the girls were happy and well behaved. I can't wait to see our photos! Afterwards, we promised the girls hot chocolate at Starbucks and we picked up a cookie at the bakery.
(Ellie tired after a long morning)

We went home to relax and get some things done around the house, then I decided we were going on a hike. The weather was great and we needed to burn off all the sweets we had been eating. We went to a local state park and took a good hour and a half walk/run. The girls were running so much that at one point wanted to be carried by me- at the same time, which lasted about 5 minutes. That's a workout for sure.

I know this post is late, but I wanted to recap it for my memory! I'm already thinking about decorating for Christmas early this year so we can enjoy it longer. Ellie and I got out the Christmas books yesterday. I keep them in storage so we don't tire of the books all year long and instead get excited for the Holiday. I can't believe it is November and I know the month is going to fly by so I want to enjoy everyday as much as we can.

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