Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites + Paint Colors

First, my husband took this picture last night as Ellie got down on the floor to do push-ups with me before bedtime. Then, I did the plank and both girls did it with me. I love when they join me! I love how Summer's hands are folded just like mine. 

I just noticed my favorite handbag is now on sale. I have it in black and love it, but am thinking about the light gray for spring. The handles are starting to fray on mine. It's been well loved!

I also love this

I love Madewell tees. I just ordered this one.

I ordered these shoes this week. Can't wait to get them in the mail. Hoping they are light so I can wear them throughout the summer. 

// Home Favorites //

I love this pitcher to add color to your table or to hold flowers. A variety of colors to choose from- I love the red and peach. 

I picked up these frames this week to add to our stairwell wall gallery. It's looking more complete!

I have decided to paint our great room a light gray. It's currently beige and I need a change. I bought a couple samples and have to go back today for a few more, then I hope to choose the color this weekend. Here are some I am looking at (the top 2 I already have the samples).

Sherwin Williams "Repose Gray"

Sherwin Williams "Knitting Needles"

Benjamin Moore "Horizon"
Benjamin Moore "Moonshine"

Tonight Nick and I are going to a charity event for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I'm really excited because former Philadelphia Eagles players will be there, including my favorite, Brian Westbrook! I'm hoping to get a picture with him. Summer and I are doing errands today while Ellie is at school and lunch bunch. Hoping to be productive! Have a great weekend!

** This post includes affiliate links. All are items I have purchased or are on my wish list!

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