Friday, May 3, 2013

While awaiting the arrival of our baby girl, Ellie and I have been spending lots of quality time together. With the weather being so beautiful lately we've been at a playground every morning, feeding the ducks, or going on walks. I try to rotate playgrounds so we get a change of scenery. This week I've been taking some extra walks in hopes of walking the baby out, but she must be pretty content in there. I've even treated Ellie to ice cream in the middle of the afternoon- a very special treat since she only has sweets on special occasions. However, she literally only eats a few bites (her choice), then we take the rest home. In addition to our long mornings out of the house Ellie has been taking a longer nap, which has given me time to catch up on making photo books online. The house has already been cleaned, dusted, vacuumed...I think I'm past the nesting stage at this point and just enjoying my time with my family until baby girl #2 arrives.

Playing "sock-ear" with her new ball from Aunt Mia

Oh, and welcome May! When I found out my due date for this baby I said that I actually would not mind going late so that I could have a May baby (since Ellie's birthday is in April) and I'm getting my wish. She will be a May baby!

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