Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Outdoor Decorating

With Summer coming up and warm weather approaching it makes me want to get our backyard ready for outdoor entertaining. Our garden is overflowing with a variety of colors, but we need to trim the bushes and do some weeding and then our backyard will be ready for entertaining. Does anyone else hate weeding as much as I do? I'm hoping I can get Ellie to help me out this year. She would probably love it and I'm sure I could make it into a game for her. Until then, here is some inspiration to dress up your outdoor entertaining space:

I love this dressed up table. I love the use of the tablecloth, flowers and candle. It looks very inviting and I wouldn't have to buy anything new. I can just bring the tablecloth and candles from our house outdoors.
House Beautiful
I am loving outdoor lanterns. They would look so pretty hung on branches, but if you don't have trees in your yard you could use planter hooks (that you stake in the ground). You could also place them on tables or on a step to light a walkway. Here are my favorites:

Sources (from top left):
Hanging Mason Jars, Pottery Barn
Orb Lanterns, West Elm
Filigree Lanterns, Pottery Barn
Metal Lantern, Target

To try making your own glass lanterns, as seen below, check out here:
You can also add color to your backyard with flower pots. I've found a few colorful ceramic ones at Home Goods, but you can also buy terra cotta pots and paint them, as seen below:
Young House Love
I found this image on Google and thought it was a creative way to add decoration to a fence:

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