Monday, July 1, 2013

Furniture Steals

Driving past our local consignment shop I saw a few contenders and stopped quickly to check them out. I left with two items for only $12. Initially I only wanted the chair (for $10), but I asked if I could also take the table for $12 total. He said yes, and I knew I had gotten a steal. Although they are both Ikea items, they are both in great condition. The chair is currently being used at my vanity in my dressing room/Summer's nursery and I love the modern look of it. The white matches my vanity and looks great with the rest of the room.

I couldn't find the exact same chair on Ikea's website, but it is similar to this.
 The Lack table (retails for $8) and I plan to buy this and make a Lego table, as shown below:

via Pinterest
I also just bought this beauty for only $10 at a garage sale:

I love the style and even the color and pattern of the fabric, but it's visibly worn and needs to be replaced. I'm thinking of painting the arms and legs white and adding a bold fabric, such as a fuchsia or leopard print. This will be a July project. I can't wait to work on it!

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