Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Shopping: Toy Storage

Toy Storage

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We are in the market for more toy storage. I feel like we have so many toys and so little storage space. We already have one Ikea shelving unit, but we may need to add another. I love the 3 Sprouts baskets. We currently have the pink elephant holding some of the girls' stuffed animals. We definitely need something else to contain all of them. I love the small clear containers (#4) to hold tiny pieces and what I call "chokable items." Another box I also really like is this, which is on wheels and can be stacked. We currently have the pink one and I'd like to buy a few more. They hold so much stuff. I recently just donated some toys the girls don't play with anymore, as well as a few stuffed animals I knew they could part with. I also like to rotate toys. I will put a bunch of toys in the back part of our basement (out of view) and rotate them back in every few months. This helps with toy overload and it can be exciting to have a "new" toy to play with. All of their toys are primarily in the playroom and in our great room. I was hoping once the playroom was finished all of the toys would be in there, but they slowly have made their way upstairs. Big baskets work well in our great room (Home Goods purchases) and I'm shopping for a storage ottoman. I really don't keep many toys in their bedrooms. I brought up a small dollhouse that the girls will play with while we are getting ready in the morning. Other than that, it's just books and a few stuffed animals (they are everywhere!). 

I know I'm not the only one in which toys drive me crazy when they are scattered everywhere. I hope these storage options provide you with some sanity relief, too!

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