Sunday, September 21, 2014

Ellie's First Day of Pre-School + Other Updates

Ellie started pre-school (and her first time at school ever) last week. I knew eventually she would love it if she were timid at first. She said to me, "I don't want to go to school by myself, Mommy. I want to stay with you because I love you." Of course, it made me a little sad, but I had confidence that she would adjust well. We had talked about it all summer and even more so the few weeks leading up to it. I kept telling her that I would drop her off and pick her up everyday. The first day was orientation and the class was split and each group went to school for an hour with a parent. My mother in law stayed with Summer so I could have that one on one time with Ellie. We met her teachers and saw her classroom. She met some of the kids in her class and played with the cool, new toys (a big dollhouse and dress-up!).

The second day she went to school for an hour alone with the same group of kids and the third day was a full day with all of her class (12 kids total). I really liked the transition into a full day and I love that it's a small class. I also love her two teachers. So far it has been great. The first day she was alone she was first to arrive and Summer and I gave her a kiss and hug and she was all smiles as she sat down to play with Play Doh. And, all smiles as we picked her up. She has been excited on school days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and talks about it on non-school days. I'm so happy she loves it and that she didn't shed a tear (that would have meant I would have shed lots of tears).

 Confidently walking into her classroom. She looks so small here!

Last Thursday I think Summer had the hardest adjustment after dropping Ellie off at school. She had quite a few meltdowns and I think she missed her big sister. We did a few errands, then went to the Library (one that we had never been to before) and she had a blast. There was a great kids area with lots of toys to play with. I checked out some books for the girls and signed Summer up for a Thursday storytime starting this week. On Tuesday we are trying out a class at the Little Gym and if it works with our schedule I will sign her up. It's nice to have one on one time with Summer. After school we have been playing at the playground for a while before heading home for lunch and Summer's nap. I thought I would never say this again, but Ellie has been napping, too! I cannot tell you how wonderful it was last week to have both girls napping at the same time! Quiet time for myself during the day? It's been happening and I love it.

Ellie also started her first ballet class last week. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the pictures and video I'm sure. Oh my gosh, it's just total cuteness. A group of little girls in ballet outfits. Half of the class is tap and half, ballet. It's a small class and the teacher is great. Ellie is the youngest, but fit in well and she loved it. Last week was an open door for parents to watch, but the rest of the class will not be until their recital at the Holidays. I can't wait for that!

Ellie is in the black leotard and pink tights. I took entirely too many photos on my iPhone before realizing I could take video. I got a couple really cute videos that I watch over and over.

We are finally settling in to a routine with school and classes. I'm back to making dinners during the week (no more lazy summer dinners or eating at the pool). I've been hooked on my new favorite comfort meal and I even dusted off my Crock Pot and used that last week to make our favorite Chicken Tacos. Ellie and I also made our first batch of pumpkin muffins of the season. How cute is this little apron I got on eBay? Ellie was so excited when I gave it to her. She had been wearing one of mine, obviously a little big. She loves helping me in the kitchen. And, it's our quality time while Summer is napping.

Next on my list is to go through the girls' clothes and rotate their clothes for fall. I am starting to create a fall checklist with fun things to look forward to with the girls. Apple picking, of course, and our second annual pumpkin painting party in October are a couple things I am excited about. What is on your fall list?

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